Alibaba Cloud Anniversary: It’s 10 Years

That was 10 September 2009 when Alibaba Cloud started their journey and now it’s 2019. 10th Alibaba Cloud anniversary. Everybody so far know about what it is so I don’t need to introduce them as new to you.

In the last 10 years, Alibaba claimed that they are now in #3 position as cloud service provider in the world. I didn’t get any accurate ranking about cloud service provider’s ranking but whether it’s in number 3 or not but it already gain a large number of market share in this industry. But why nobody is talking about Alibaba Cloud? That’s a question also for myself. I will try to cover that later. Read this full article that covers everything for it’s 10th Alibaba Cloud anniversary.

Cloud market share for Alibaba Cloud

In this 10th Alibaba Cloud anniversary I tried to find their market share in public cloud service industry. According to Gartner IT Service Report 2018 (IaaS and IUS Market Share) Alibaba Cloud is number 1 cloud provider in APAC (Asia Pacific). But that doesn’t bring them in top worldwide. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba & IBM are playing major roles as cloud service provider in this competitive landscape.

In the global market, top major players are Amazon (AWS), Google, Microsoft, Alibaba & IBM. According to ZDNet, I sorted it out serially. Alibaba has more than 5% of cloud market share where Amazon (AWS) is dominating with it’s 50% above market share. Rest of the companies are just playing another 50%. But Alibaba Cloud itself claim that they are the no. 3 cloud service provider in the world.

10 years of journey

Certainly in the last 10 years Alibaba Cloud achieved lots of success. They have now more than 1 million of customers from 200+ countries. It’s seriously a good number.

10th Anniversary of Alibaba Cloud

So let’s see how was the journey for Alibaba Cloud in the last 10 years. Alibaba Cloud anniversary is so meaningful for the public cloud service industry.

  • Established 2009
  • Alibaba Cloud opened their 1st data center in 2010
  • Started providing public services from 2011
  • In 2012, Alibaba Cloud acquired the ISO 27001 information security standard certification
  • In 2013, they launched 1st 5,000-cluster server
  • Started providing service to global customers. Also Alibaba Cloud launched MaxCompute in 2014
  • In 2015, launched overseas HQ in Singapore. Also Alibaba Cloud technology set world records in CloudSort at Sort Benchmark
  • In 2016, Alibaba Cloud City Brain launched, an AI-powered urban management system that uses data to optimize resources
  • Alibaba Cloud became the official cloud service partner of the Olympic Games in 2017. Also Gartner named them as no. 3 market share in public cloud services
  • In 2018, Gartner named them the no. 1 market share in Asia Pacific IaaS and IUS market, in Gartner IT service report 2018. Alibaba Cloud conduced the world’s first 8K internet live stream
  • Now in 2019, Alibaba Cloud have 20 data center regions, 61 availability zones, 2,800+ CDN nodes worldwide

So here it is. Alibaba Cloud anniversary for it’s long 10 years. This journey tells me that Alibaba Cloud will be a good player in the current competitive market for public cloud. They have also some competitive advantage because of Asia. All other cloud players are from Silicon Valley and Alibaba Cloud is the only one in Asian market.

Alibaba cloud already added few billion dollar business enterprises in their cloud service client portfolio. Philips, Alipay, AliExpress, AirAsia, Munchkin are already in relationship with Alibaba Cloud. In the cloud service provider business AWS is the leader of course because they were the first giant in this industry. After that Google, Microsoft Azure, IBM and lots of other companies investing lots of their dollars and resources to get cloud industry market share as much as possible. We wish that 10th Alibaba Cloud anniversary will turn the public cloud service industry more competitive.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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