Appropriate career guidelines – The tools to remove our frustration

Today I have participated in a seminar in my university (Daffodil International University) that was organized by Leo Computer System and this seminar was about to give a complete guidelines for students who are studying on various kinds of ICT related subject. i.e: Computer Science & Engineering, Computer & Information Science, Telecommunication engineering etc.. I have enjoyed this seminar very much. First of all, I want to give thanks to my teacher Md. Abu Taher (Head of the dept. CSE, Daffodil International University) for arranging this kind of event for us that was really essential for me, for us & every students who want to be more conscious about their career in future.

Basically,? Bangladesh is a developing country, not developed country.? In Bangladesh, there are many students, many skilled personnel, educated person,? skilled IT professional. But I will say that if we consider the ultimate present condition of Bangladesh, there is no huge opportunity to focus ourselves. It is very much true but sad and obviously the condition is being changed fast. The Bangladesh government, Government based institutions, Private organizations is taking or making their planning by focusing IT related issue or terms. But some limitation is still unchanged. We hope, it will be almost reduced.

I have meet many University students and most of the students of this position are going to be frustrated for their life, for their planning, for their future. They can’t find the exact path to discover their own dream. They still can’t know what they are doing,? what they should do. It is the main cause of their frustration. I think frustration is made by us, it can’t come by itself.

So, we need the perfect guidelines that we can find from our teachers, from our classmates, from our senior one to build up our career, our dream. Actually nobody can make anyone satisfied. It should acquire by our self.

We are Bangladeshi by birth so we have a habit to become serious at our last situation. We should overcome it. As a student, we should become more serious from out initial position (I think it starts from 1st year of graduation).

Many friends of mine regularly asks me a same question that is about “What they should do?” But I am also a student. I just hear their voice but I can’t reply them with any hope. Because I am also frustrated that is about “What I am doing, is it perfect for me?”.

Our university teachers have a great role in this issue. A teacher & only a teacher should be a guide for his/her students. And obviously it should be. Our teachers, University autority, government authority can take steps for focusing the voices of students. But may be we are very busy with our academy, with our own activities, with our own professional. If this is true, then where we will go? (?). Who will give the answer that “Why we are studying to become a computer engineer?, Why we are writing a small piece of computer program?, Why we can’t make our dream for my future?. I think every questions has answer. But who (?) will give the answer to us?

I think every private & public varsity students & teachers need to conscious about this kind of serious matter. Because without proper guidelines, a student can loose their attention from their study, from their role.

University is the initial point to become real conscious about our career. So every private & public university need to take necessary steps to give proper career guidelines for their students. Teachers may become more responsible for becoming their student’s guide.

For private university after each semester, we can arrange a ‘Student’s Career Week’ where students can get various kinds of help, support, suggestions, advice by discussing with each other (teachers, students, senior students, etc…). On the other hand, each public varsity can arrange a public ‘Career Fair’ for their students at their own campus that will make their student’s more conscious about their career & they can enjoy their students & their dream what is their love. Also senior students or any career development organization or forum can publish monthly magazine for their university students, make career campaign. University authority can arrange a training session for their students where students can make sense that will be necessary for their real career (Resume writing, Speaking skill, Interview Skill, Job searching, Job applying, etc…). University can arrange an extra free course with it’s every graduation course that will be taught in first or second semester. University authority can make a Career Planning & development Club for giving the right & perfect career guidelines for their new students, old students.

I know everything is not possible in a day. But It is easy to take preparation from now. Because we should think that Bangladeshi student’s are really awesome, really genius, really skilled but they have one lackings that is “Appropriate Career Guidelines”.

This post not only say about my own voice, it is the say of each students. But nobody can’t see, can’t feel it. And finally we (students) are breaking our heart. I will say all of my friends, all of my teachers, all of my well wisher that as a students we should recover our rights, we should make our voice for our needs. It is not the day that we will keep us in a one window. The day has come to discover ourselves, to inform other nation that Bangladesh can do. We have a strong manpower. Please feel it that we need appropriate guidelines. Because as a students I will say that ” Appropriate guidelines is the tools to remove our frustration”. So please help us.

Thanks everybody.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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