Are you really secured in Facebook? Get other's account and re-think about yourself

Recently some persons has told that their Facebook account has been hacked by someone. After hearing one after one issues related to Facebook account hacking one night I have examined some security issues with Facebook. By doing the research I have found some major?vulnerabilities in Facebook that is not possible to give a user 100% security and in the security related issue there is nothing like 99% secured or 98% secured. If some thing is minimum 1% unsecured that is fully unsecured because hackers or crackers use that unsecured way to push you out.

I will now discuss about some logical matter related to Facebook. ?Suppose one crackers or unethical hacker make an intention to hack your facebook account. I am telling one system that is really not hard to get your account within few minutes.

First he will go to ‘Forget Password’ link from the Facebook login page. And after that he will reach to page.

Now according to the above image first he have to find the targeted user with various kinds of search terms (see the above image). The most secret things is that if the targeted user has a username in facebook like ( then it is more easy to find out the targeted user. [So remember Facebook Username can be your first bullshit information]


Now after finding the username then the hackers or crackers and even you will see the following images like information.

Now click oin the ‘No Longer have access to these?‘ link. Because when a hackers or crackers will take preparation to gain control of your account. He might not be able to take control your email. So that click that you haven’t the access control of your email also. Now the original action will be started. After clicking the ‘No longer have access to these’ you will go to the next step to enter new email address for your account.

After submit the new email address. You will be asked to enter your Security question (this is the most vulnerable system in Facebook).

Now if you can write the correct answer in this place then your account’s control will go to the hackers or cracker’s control. And only this security question is the wall to protect the security of Facebook.

But the main problem is that ‘Facebook’ don’t allow you to change or update the security question. So facebook only allow to input only one security question at once. So that the hackers or crackers can study on you several days and H/She can get your security question’s answer can get the control of your Facebook. This security question option will only one time visible in your accounts. Second time you will not be able to change the security question. So from now I personally thought that facebook account security policy is not enough to protect the user. Once your enemy know your security question then for forever he/she can be able to gain access your Facebook account again and again.

So again think yourself about your Facebook account and everything. If you have any questions about this issue, you can post comment here, I am ready to write the reply for you. My request to you to re-think about your facebook account. It is almost unsecured.


Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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