Bangladesh Facts for Foreigners

There are lots of Bangladesh facts many foreigners get wrong. I receive lots of wrong information about Bangladesh from foreign people who doesn’t have any idea about Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an independent country with it’s own geographic location. Bangladesh is not location within any other country. It’s independent and the total area of Bangladesh is 1,47,570 square kilometer. People sometimes think Bangladesh is located inside India. It’s not true.Bangladesh is located besides India. Both countries are neighbor to each other. So here is some Bangladesh facts I tried to explain –

Bangladesh location on Google Maps
Bangladesh location on Google Maps

Why I am writing this?

I am writing this to protect the integrity about Bangladesh. As I am a proud citizen of Bangladesh, when I see wrong information spread about Bangladesh specially to foreign people I feel hurt. Because I personally work with lots of foreign companies. So we need to publish some real and correct facts about Bangladesh. For example, see the following screenshot I took from Google search.

Few Facts about Bangladesh those are weird in Google Search
Google Search: Facts about Bangladesh

Can you imagine about the question Is Bangladesh is a part of India? It’s insane. Bangladesh is a completely independent country. Some of the information and suggestion in Google search seems weird. That gets my attention. And that’s why I am writing this article with some real facts about Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Facts – learn correct information about Bangladesh

What country is Bangladesh located in?

Bangladesh is not located inside any other country. It’s located beside India. India and Bangladesh both are independent and separate country with it’s own geographical area. Both are neighbor for each other.

Is Bangladesh part of Pakistan

No, of course not. Bangladesh became an independent nation after a bloody war with Pakistan in 1971. Bangladesh won it’s independence. Bangladesh & Pakistan are both separate independent nation in South Asia

Where is Bangladesh located geographically?

Bangladesh is located in South Asia. India & Myanmar are it’s neighbor.

Is Bangladesh its own country?

It’s weird question. Yes, Bangladesh is a sovereign and independent country located in South Asia.

Is Bangladesh a poor country?

No of course not. According to World Bank, Bangladesh is among the five fastest growing economies of the world. However, it’s a densely-populated country.

Bangladesh has e-commerce?

Yes of course. E-Commerce in Bangladesh is growing fast and rapidly. People can now buy items online from home, can order food from their mobile phone. There is Uber, Pathao, Foodpanda in Bangladesh.

What is the latitude & longitude of Bangladesh?

Latitude and longitude of it’s capital city Dhaka: 23° 42′ N, 90° 24′ E. More precise latitude and longitude of Dhaka, Bangladesh is 23.7806206, 90.3491143.

I think I have cleared some confusion from your brain about Bangladesh. Sometimes there are few information out there about wrong Bangladesh facts. So I tried to write some real facts as a Bangladeshi. If you have any questions or want to know anything specific about Bangladesh, please feel free to post

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