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There are various kinds of websites in Bangladesh who are providing online shopping in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Online Shopping sites can’t grow so fast because of transportation and payment gateway system. There are lots of Bangladeshi e-commerce websites are still inactive because of their payment gateway. Now few payment gateway companies are now providing API facility for the Bangladeshi e-commerce website but those are high costly.

Because of this crisis situation few of Bangladeshi Online shopping sites are still alive and rest of them are still playing behind the scene. What’s the problem and where are their obstacles they still doesn’t know. Bangladeshi people are developing their online shopping website with open source e-commerce CMS. And that’s why they can’t implement their whole ideas into it because to customize the open source CMS it is tough to get the right skilled web developer in Bangladesh. So it’s better that just open a e-commerce website and run inside a CMS.

E-Commerce in Bangladesh
E-Commerce in Bangladesh

Most of the Bangladeshi online shopping site like ClickBD, HutBazaar, and etc etc are doing good but not better what it should be because of their technical limitations. Bangladeshi government is saying that they are extending their options to build digital e-commerce system in Bangladesh but we are not seeing those actions practically. So we are just stack in this situations. We need better e-commerce payment gateway, better functionality inside an online shopping site.

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E-Commerce is a rising sector in Bangladesh. I already wrote an article about it’s growth and the future of this industry. It’s growing with tremendous speed and many people are considering this one of the most fastest growing industry in Bangladesh. Lots of businesses are already established and providing so far best e-commerce experience to the people of Bangladesh. But I already told you in my other articles that there are lots of challenges to e-commerce. Logistics is one of the biggest challenge to Bangladeshi e-commerce. This is also a key points to make e-commerce successful. And specially in our South Asia continent for example India, Indonesia it’s still a key challenge. We are not alone to face it. Bangladesh & It’s E-Commerce Industry Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, according to World Bank. People are more capable to spend money as well as earning capacity also increased. It’s a good sign that’s the key metrics to any country. Bangladeshi people is living under a future dream of Digital Bangladesh and the current government has a vision to implement it. E-Commerce is not new in Bangladesh. Journey of e-commerce started in Bangladesh since last 10/12…

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In last 10 years there has been a lots of changed in every sector in Bangladesh. Industries like technology, agriculture, education has been developed so much in the country. As of May 2019, Bangladesh has now 16 crore mobile subscribers according to BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission). Bangladesh reaches to a milestone by reaching total 9 crore internet subscribers that 50% of the total population of the country. Lots of possibilities are emerging in every corner of the country. Country is moving forward and already been rewarded as one of the fastest growing economy. There are lots of profitable business in Bangladesh in every sector and in every industry. What is profitable & non-profitable business? Neither every business is profitable nor non-profitable. There isn’t any rules or convention that will make a business profitable. To make any business profitable you must have to do lots of hard work and it mostly depends on your effective and efficient business plan. In other hand, non-profitable business meaning you or with any group from your society is trying to do something for the people without any intention of profit. People make little donation or investment without profit in your charity and you run…

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E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing industry and trends in Bangladesh currently. Since last 5 years there are lots of e-commerce businesses have started their operation in Bangladesh. But mostly are operating only for Dhaka city and few businesses have started only in their city. It’s a good sign and definitely e-commerce will grow in coming days. Lots of people asked me if they need a trade license for their e-commerce business in Bangladesh. And the answer is “yes, of course”. So you need e-commerce trade license in Bangladesh. Every businesses are required to have trade license in Bangladesh. What is Trade License in Bangladesh? If you are running a business in Bangladesh, you need a trade license from your local authority. No matter what types of businesses you are involved with. Trade license is the first and mandatory legal paper to operate any kinds of businesses in Bangladesh. So you should get a trade license because it’s so easy. Without trade license you can’t – Open a bank account Can’t put any banner, festoon, leaflet, digital banner Can’t sign any agreement or contract with other businesses Other businesses won’t do business with you Rent any office space for…

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E-Commerce is a booming sector in Bangladesh since last 5 years. It’s growing fast and already started contributing to the country economy. Government and other related authority has started considering this sector as one of the brightest possibilities. I already wrote an article about e-commerce in Bangladesh. In that article I tried to explain the current progress of e-commerce in Bangladesh. Here I am going to publish another hot topics about e-commerce in Bangladesh. Finally, Amazon is coming to Bangladesh. Who & What is Amazon? Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce and retail giant in the world. Besides this Amazon is also the pioneer in cloud computing, other technology service, streaming and artificial intelligence. Also currently they are the top cloud platform service provider in world. According to Wikipedia, Amazon is the largest Internet company by revenue in the world. They have their operation in more than 17 countries in the world. When Amazon coming to Bangladesh? In a recent round-table held on September 2018 at The Daily Star Dhaka center, e-Cab vice president Rezwanul Haque Jami disclosed this matter. He told that Amazon has a very large office in Bangladesh already and they finished conversation with Government officials about…

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