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From many days ago I have joined a seminar conducted by one of the most genius person of my university Raju sir (Co-ordinator, Daffodil International University). And he introduced me something that I could dream in mine that is what is the importance about social networking, or acquiring knowledge by networking, learn by networking and after a lot of study and thinking I have reached a decision that is “Build your network, learn much better”.

Actually by building your network that is related to your vision, aim or your path to reach your goal you can earn or gather much more knowledge than your general academic study. Discuss with your friends, discuss with your neighbors, discuss with your known face, discuss with your dearest ones can help to build a specific networking area that is more valuable to run your foot for your future.

I was looking for such a community or network where I can talk with my countrymen, with my nearest ones, with my own thinking people. As a professional web developer I was looking for such a community that can gather a lot of people from a specific choice and at last I have found that & that is “BANGLADESH WEB DEVELOPER’S COMMUNITY“. This is fully online based & I have built this community with one of my younger brother Ariful Islam Faisal.

I think this Bangladeshi Web Developer’s Online Community can help you to share your own thoughts, your own knowledge, your own ideas. I believe that we have many genius all over the country so why we will go to other for learning or sharing something? So I think we should use Bangladeshi Web Developer’s Online Community.

If you want to share or want to be a great member or contribute to make a better skilled networking among the Bangladeshi Web Developers I think this community is better. So no more late.. I am inviting you to register your own account & be a proud member of this web developer’s community.

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Bangladeshi Web Developer's Online Community
Bangladeshi Web Developer's Online Community

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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