Best web development company in Bangladesh


There are so many web development company in Bangladesh. Most of them are doing business as a reseller of foreign web hosting company. So that people always want cheap web hosting and cheap domain registration. And in Bangladesh a large number of companies, organization hasn’t their own official website. This is the fact in reality in Bangladesh. Now I am going to describe about few Bangladeshi web development companies which are popular and well-known.

?Preview ICT Ltd.?

Preview ICT Ltd.?is doing it’s business since many years in Bangladesh and their main focus is to provide cheap web hosting and web development service in Bangladesh. They are providing few attractive features like 99.99% server uptime, 30 days moneyback gurantee, 24×7 online support and packages for their clients like Student Package, Teachers Package. They have various kinds of cheap web hosting features. Website Design package of Preview ICT Ltd. is really cheap for their clients.


TechnoBD?is also a renowned web development company in Bangladesh. But their package pricing is little bit high than other companies. They also provide real-time server monitoring, 24×7 online support system.

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