Bower component installation directory change

To change the bower’s component installation directory as you want you first need to create a .bowerrc file and define the custom location in this .bowerrc like the below.

    "directory": "yourCustomDirectoryLocation"


Then as usual just make a bower.json file where you will write down all the dependencies for your projects like the below.

  "name": "YourProjectName",
  "description": "Description of your project",
  "homepage": "",
  "author": "Yourname <>",
  "dependencies": {
      "bootstrap":">= 3.0.0",
      "jquery": "~2.0.3"


now run bower install command and all the required dependencies will be installed to your defined directory (as you configured in your .bowerrc file).

  • Vinicius da Costa Pires

    Great! Thanks!

  • Rich

    I like it! Thanks!

  • Ramesh Bankuru

    i like this!!!

  • zygimantus

    But this does not work with bower-installer

    • Can you please tell me the exact error you are facing or any hints? @zygimantus:disqus