Find out How Many Times Remaining in PHP Programming

Suppose you have a date  2012-12-20 and today is 2012-12-18. What’s the different You can now see the ‘Time Remaining to 2012-12-18’ by implementing the following code.

     * @param null $fromTime
     * @param null $toTime
     * @param bool $is_simple
     * @param array $options
     * @return string
     * @copyright     Shaharia Azam 2012-2020, Shaharia Azam Personal Project. (
     * @link Personal Project
     * @license       MIT License (
    function TimeAfter($fromTime = null, $toTime = null,$is_simple=true, array $options=array('before'=>false,'after'=>false))
            if(array_key_exists('before',$options) && !empty($options['before']))
                $before=$options['before']; else $before="";
            if(array_key_exists('after',$options) && !empty($options['after']))
                $after=$options['after'];   else $after="";
        if (!empty($fromTime) && !empty($toTime))
            $start_date = new DateTime($toTime);
            $since_start = $start_date->diff(new DateTime($fromTime));

            if($is_simple === true)
                if($since_start->m == "0")
                    return $before.$since_start->d." days".$after;
                return $before.$since_start->m." months ".$since_start->d." days".$after;
                if($since_start->Y == "0")
                    return $before.$since_start->m." months ".$since_start->d." days".$after;
                return $before.$since_start->Y." years ".$since_start->m." months ".$since_start->d." days".$after;


Now you can use TimeAfter() with all your required arguments.

  • To get PHP current date time you can use <?php echo date(‘Y-m-d’); ?>
  • To compare with the previous date you can use <?php echo $YourDateValue; ?>
  • To get simple format you can use the function as follows:
    $remaining= TimeAfter(date('Y-m-d'),'2012-12-18',true,array('before'=>'after '))

    Argument List respectively:

  • $fromTime =Your Current Time
    $toTime = Comparing Previous Date
    $is_simple = default (true) [return simple format data]
    $options=array(‘before’=>’Remaining ‘, ‘after’=>’ ‘);
    ‘before’ and ‘after’ will be placed while returning the final print.

Happy Coding!!

GEO-Position based features in Bangladeshi website

Geographical position based features are now being a popular trends for Web Application developer cause you can make the taste of your apps differently for different local people and it’s really interesting. In Bangladesh there is no web apps which is implementing this high tech features. But we should.

In Bangladesh most of the web sites are built using one of the popular open sources CMS and most of their investor’s idea are business oriented. That’s why new and high tech features are not being implementing in their projects that’s why Bangladeshi people are getting service but they are not getting the real taste of web technology. We have so many large large web development company in Bangladesh but they even can’t get such professional programmer who are familiar with these kinds of high tech features. I am going to tell you such high tech features and I can suggest you to implement at least one of them in your web application.

  • GEO-Position
  • Advertisement Network based on impression
  • Local Search Engine
  • Use of CDN service
  • Ajax and high-end User Interface
  • Mobile application

and so many more…. We should implement those high tech features otherwise we never go up in this age.

Why Programmers should use Mind Map

Why Programmers should use Mind Map?

Since few years I am using various kinds of Concept modelling tools like Mind Map, UML, etc.. But always I found a common question that is why programmers should use Mind Map. My answer is so much straight forward and that is “I prefer Mind Map than any other modelling tools because Mind Map is too much informal than others. It’s perfect for randomized ideas.”

As a web programmer basically I need to design concept visually and also I need to solve complex and large problem sets.

Simply I have some keypoints-

  • Mind Map is too much formal than others.
  • Anybody can use this techniques but to use UML and other techniques you need to study on that.
  • You just organize Ideas without any rules, your ideas your rules
  • Mind Map doesn’t follow any special convention
  • It’s useful to design your random concepts
  • It can be used to build a concepts from too many pieces of ideas
  • No specific drawing rules
  • No specific symbol. Just use as you like to understand it
  • So much helpful to solve programming solution
  • New feature design of a software by gathering random concept
  • Solve large problems
  • Generate keywords for Problems, Solution, Learning, Implementing for a software or program
  • Very fast
  • Most of Mind Map tools are freeware and even open source project

I use FreeMind in my UBUNTU notebook to generate and design concept and to find out solution of complex programming logic. I would suggest you to practice MindMap for your better research and conceptual creative works.


Free SEO Analysis for Bangladesh experts

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It’s great to share with you a great news today that I have found few extra-ordinary techniques for SEO experts in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh SEO training is not so much worth because of choosing right experts. So that to develop Bangladesh, I am going to provide you few premium SEO services for you, your business and your company which will turn you into a BIG FACT.



I am going to introduce you few awesome stuffs which will analyze the power of SEO for your website. Let’s see what’s can wait for you.

My SEO Analysis include:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website Optimization for SEO
  • Search Engine Compatibility
  • Analysis Present Scenario
  • Ensure best practice
  • Modify webpages according to my suggestion
  • Regularly audit
  • Keyword measurement tools
  • Automatic search engine submission
  • Automatic Report Generation for SEO

Please keep your eyes on the above slide of this page. I wanted to show you some way how I’ll work for you.

Also I am providing you the premium facility and premium service for SEO analysis for your website which will make your site’s position to top more than still placed.

Why you will choose me for your SEO?

There are so many professional-non professional SEO experts in Bangladesh. But I am little bit different from others and my working style is totally different and unique and I believe in WhiteHat SEO. Let’s see why I am best fit for your business-

  • Enriched analysis
  • Custom reporting
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  • Effective keyword selection and their present condition
  • Find out your competitor’s SEO scores and their SEO analysis
  • Increase page rank (though everything depend on Google but I will try to make your site more compatible for Google search than you have ever seen.
  • Free analysis report in primary stage
  • Premium Service, Support and Consultancy

Please see the top slide and see what should I provide to you as a SEO expert in Bangladesh. Bangladesh SEO experts are always happy with their most favorite tasks like backlinking and other unwanted SEO work. So that I can be your perfect consideration for SEO optimization for your website.


This is first time in Bangladesh where Bangladesh SEO consultant is giving you free analysis. Free keyword analysis is so much important to understand your standings for SEO positions and most of the things are depending on it. You should use this free SEO tools. Also remember to understand your SEO competitor analysis.