Circular of Bangladesh Bank on Forex trading in Bangladesh

On 12 January 2012 Bangladesh Bank has published a public circular on Forex Trading from Bangladesh. It says any kinds of illegal activities related to Forex trading has been banned. And any kinds of fraudent activities will not be permitted by government authorities.

So Forex is not banned from Bangladesh. Under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 1947 these kinds of activities will be considered as crime. Because only authorized foreign exchanger can exchange money. So for becoming more conscious Bangladesh bank has published this circular recently.

Bangladesh Bank circular on Forex trading from Bangladesh
Bangladesh Bank Circular on Forex Trading

To download the circular of Bangladesh Bank click this link Bangladesh bank circular on forex trading from Bangladesh

So we should be more aware of this issue. It is happening throughout the country. To learn forex you don’t need to go to any institution and please remember Forex can never be a money making machine. Just think, “You have the money and you want to invest those money to any foreign country’s economy’. To do forex business it requires huge knowledge on International economy. So always you should understand what you are planning to invest your money through any training institutions. Thousands of people are investing money through various kinds of training institutions on Forex trading. In Bangladesh still there is no forex trading brokerage. If you want to do forex business do it yourself if you have enough knowledge on Forex. “How forex trading can be done from Bangladesh“.


Honestly, Forex is very much interesting investment sector but you have to study a lots. You have to understand the world economy. Because billion billion dollar is being invested in this forex trade and your $50, $100, $1000, $5000, $1000 is not good where multi-billion dollar persons are gambling with this.

Forex in Bangladesh – You should learn to earn

FOREX in Bangladesh is a HOT TOPICS

In Bangladesh people are now so much conscious about forex trade in Bangladesh. In this country people are earning lots of money by investing money in Forex markets. Few people are profiting and few people are losing because of misleading or mis-direction. But Forex can be a good thing for Bangladeshi who want to earn money from home by just few clicks. Now a days there are so many websites who are providing forex trading signals, forex tutorials. In Bangladesh there are also a numerous website who are providing forex tutorial in Bengali. I searched all of them and got that once a time after becoming their fan they provide experts for forex trading by taking money from their readers or learner. I always hate them and that’s why Bangladesh bank has banned any kinds of forex related transaction inside our Bangladesh. I strongly protest them.

That’s why I am here to introduce you with my personal website where I will provide you the complete step-by-step tutorial guide (in bengali and english both) completely free. Just stay with this website and if you can, just bookmark this website in your browser. I hope my step by step easy tutorials will help you to understand about forex in bangladesh. I got lots of queries that people ask me there are any company in Bangladesh who are the forex broker. Basically In Bangladesh there are no forex brokerage houses in Bangladesh. That’s why you have to choose a foreign forex brokerage house like eToro, MT4, InstaForex etc..

Within this month I will publish my forex guide in Bengali and English both languages. So stay with my website and wait for my best effort. But I can ensure you that Forex is a good thing where you can legally earn money. But believe me don’t be convienced with other people for investment. Most of them can be fraud. Just learn yourself and invest yourself directly to Forex. Forex in Bangladesh is likely becoming a hot topics amongh the youngs of Bangladesh. And I hope it will continue.

Forex in Bangladesh – The ultimate trend scenario

After falling down of most of the MLM (Multi-level marketing) companies in Bangladesh recently most of the young people are interested to do Forex in Bangladesh. Some of them are familiar with Forex, some of them are not familiar, some of them are totally new at Forex. So this is the real fact because Forex is a very risky place where people can be rich in a second and even a person can lose all of his money in a second. So be careful always.

In Bangladesh, Forex has been banned by Bangladesh Bank but if you can personally handle or invest money on Forex then it is OK than by going to a forex training institute. Few bad people has made this Forex bad in Bangladesh. Forex in Bangladesh has made a great interest to the people and still day by day this numbers are increasing. People are eager to know what’s happening there and there about Forex. Few months ago a significant number of Forex Training Institute in Bangladesh grew up and after the notice by Bangladesh Bank none of them are active because most of those companies are here to collect a large number of money by motivating general people.

Forex trading from Bangladesh – Where to start?


Recently Bangladesh Bank has banned any kinds of financial transaction related to Forex. But honestly Forex is a good place for earning money and it’s real but in Bangladesh few institutions or companies tried to fraud and earn money by providing training and their ultimate target was to collect money from general people that’s why Bangladesh Bank has banned it.

But still you can do it from your own capital. For that it’s real and really it will give you real money.

I have already written many things about ‘Forex trading in Bangladesh‘. ?Many users has requested me to write about ‘How you can start Forex business’ .

Today I will teach you how to start forex trading from Bangladesh to earn money. First you should remember that ‘FOREX IS NOT FOR THEM WHO WILL BE DEPENDENT ON FOREX FOR SERVING THEIR DAILY MEAL OR RENT’. It’s about understanding the country economy and invest money.

For Bangladeshi it’s easy to start forex trading. Just go to InstaForex and open an account there… ?From the main menu of InstaForex you will find ‘FOR TRADERS’ and then click on ‘OPEN ACCOUNT’ so that you will be redirected to registration option. Registration is pretty simple. You can face Password generate problem there so you can click ‘Generate’ link to auto generate secured password. It will take only 1-2 minute to register there.
They provide pretty simple earning mechanism also. You can catch there. If you face any problem just post comments here and I will try to solve your problem.

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