My free proxy list


Here is my free proxy list which will enable you to browse anonymously and uninterruptedly internet browsing in Bangladesh.

  • IP: ; Port: 3128
  • IP:; Port: 3128 (USA)
  • IP:; Port: 80
  • IP:; Port: 8080
  • IP:; Port: 8080

I will update this list each and every day. Please regularly update your free proxy also.


[Solved] Recent Internet Browsing problem in Bangladesh

Last few weeks I am facing serious problem while browsing internet (mainly few of important google services). I talked with many ISP owner and technical person and most of them told me that due to publishing ‘The Innocence of Muslims’ on YouTube from Bangladesh few of google services are being monitored and sometimes we can’t access them.

It is ridiculous. I haven’t any comments about that but I am a web professional and I need to use Google badly. So that I need un-interrupted internet connectivity while browsing google services. That’s why from few of my foreign friends I got few suggestions and one suggestion is working for me. That is USING OPEN PROXY. I will see you the tutorial to set IP (Open Proxy) as proxy in your PC and also I will provide you regularly few open but fast proxy servers information. So that by using that open proxy list you can use internet anonymously.

How to setup Proxy in your Browser

I am going to show you the way about how to setup proxy in your browser. I am using Google Chrome in this tutorial.

      Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser and write


      in the URL bar and open Proxy Configuration window (figure 1.1)


How to configure Proxy in Google Chrome
Proxy in Google Chrome (figure 1.1)
  • Step 2: Then open your Lan proxy window (figure 1.2)

    How to configure proxy in Lan
    Configure proxy in Lan (figure 1.2)
  • Step 3: Now according to my collected proxy list put the IP and Port in your proxy settings (figure 1.3)

    Configure proxy in your Lan
    Configure proxy in your Lan (figure 1.3)
  • Final Step: Restart Google chrome and any other browser and open them again. Browse anonymously. Happy Browsing!!



Download Google chrome offline installer and enjoy fast and secured browsing

For Google chrome offline installer I was so much annoyed when I can’t install Google Chrome on my new desktop PC. All the problem occured because I didn’t get any offline installer on my hard disk drive.

But I am totally disable without Google chrome. That’s why I have found this and upload this google chrome offline installer inside my website. You can download Google chrome offline installer from the below button easily.

I hope this installer will help you very much while you haven’t internet to download google chrome.

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

If you face any problem with installing Google chrome with this Google chrome offline installer please write down your problem in comments. I will try to solve the problem. Have a good, safe and fast browsing.

The version of this Google chrome is 23.0.1271 .

Google chrome is one of my favorite browsers. I love it very much. Only Google chrome can give you fast, secured and great browsing experience than Firefox or Opera. And I don’t want to talk about pretty shit stuff Internet Explorer. Fast loading, Chrome browser extension, cloud based browser information sharing between multiple computer. So always Google chrome is best. I don’t know why microsoft don’t think about their internet explorer. It is built in with each Microsoft’s operating system that’s why people use it otherwise nobody use internet explorer. Google chrome is really a charming stuff for me while I think of browsing, web.

Earn money by Google Adsense

?Google Adsense is really a good source of income?

Google adsense is really a good source for income online. But remember this Google Adsense is a hottest service of Google so it’s not so easy to eat the revenue enough from it within a single day or withing a single month. Just you need to keep carrrying doing work.

Google Adsense is doing it’s service since June 18, 2003. It’s distributing it’s revenue by serving advertisements globally. Google heavily track your earning and there is no way to bet with Google adsense. if you try you can be banned for highest 99 years.


Google just collecting ads and serving them to your website. Google is getting few revenue and you are also getting a little bit percentage of their earning amount because ad owner need impression and other things.

In Bangladesh, there are many Google Adsense publishers who are earning money. I will describe how you can get started with Google Adsense. Then first, of all you need to become more familiar with their system how their ads are working. If you can work hard, so you must earn a lot from Google adsense. So start doing work and set a target to implement Google adsense service with your own blogging system. I will tell about ‘How to get started for earning from Google Adsense?‘ later on.

You should be able to spend regular times on internet. The most basic target of Google Adsense is to engage more and more user.

Forex in Bangladesh – The ultimate trend scenario

After falling down of most of the MLM (Multi-level marketing) companies in Bangladesh recently most of the young people are interested to do Forex in Bangladesh. Some of them are familiar with Forex, some of them are not familiar, some of them are totally new at Forex. So this is the real fact because Forex is a very risky place where people can be rich in a second and even a person can lose all of his money in a second. So be careful always.

In Bangladesh, Forex has been banned by Bangladesh Bank but if you can personally handle or invest money on Forex then it is OK than by going to a forex training institute. Few bad people has made this Forex bad in Bangladesh. Forex in Bangladesh has made a great interest to the people and still day by day this numbers are increasing. People are eager to know what’s happening there and there about Forex. Few months ago a significant number of Forex Training Institute in Bangladesh grew up and after the notice by Bangladesh Bank none of them are active because most of those companies are here to collect a large number of money by motivating general people.