Google Mobile-friendly test in PHP

Lots of folks out there about to make your website Mobile-friendly. It’s obvious that there will be significant impact on your website if your site is not mobile-friendly or what we regularly call ‘responsive’. Mobile friendly sites will get higher rank in search results in Google. And Google already started to rolling out this algorithms.

After searching on internet, I didn’t get any quick solution to check mobile-friendliness website in PHP. Although Google published it’s official Mobile-friendliness Test Tools.

When I tried to find some solutions then I figured out that Google has it’s public Pagespeed Test API v2. But in this version Google didn’t make it clear to see Pass or fail result for mobile-friendliness test. It only shows UX score. But in their v3beta1 API version they have a clear indicator about mobile-friendliness. And I figured it out and made a simple PHP functions to check the mobile-friendliness test of any website. Here is my scripts:

In the above script you just need to put your website URL to check and Google PageSpeed API Key what you will get from your Google API Console or see the Google PageSpeed Developer Getting Starter page.

Now, run your script and you will get the following array.

array (size=8)
  'kind' => string 'pagespeedonline#result' (length=22)
  'id' => string '' (length=29)
  'responseCode' => int 200
  'ruleGroups' =>
    array (size=1)
      'USABILITY' =>
        array (size=2)
          'score' => int 100
          'pass' => boolean true
  'pageStats' =>
    array (size=2)
      'numberRobotedResources' => int 0
      'numberTransientFetchFailureResources' => int 0
  'formattedResults' => etc.........


From the above array $result['ruleGroups']['USABILITY']['pass'] is the actual result of your website’s mobile-friendliness status. true means your website is mobile friendly and false means your failed to make your website mobile friendly. Simple.

Have fun! Write comments if you need any more assistance.

Free SEO Analysis for Bangladesh experts

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It’s great to share with you a great news today that I have found few extra-ordinary techniques for SEO experts in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh SEO training is not so much worth because of choosing right experts. So that to develop Bangladesh, I am going to provide you few premium SEO services for you, your business and your company which will turn you into a BIG FACT.



I am going to introduce you few awesome stuffs which will analyze the power of SEO for your website. Let’s see what’s can wait for you.

My SEO Analysis include:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website Optimization for SEO
  • Search Engine Compatibility
  • Analysis Present Scenario
  • Ensure best practice
  • Modify webpages according to my suggestion
  • Regularly audit
  • Keyword measurement tools
  • Automatic search engine submission
  • Automatic Report Generation for SEO

Please keep your eyes on the above slide of this page. I wanted to show you some way how I’ll work for you.

Also I am providing you the premium facility and premium service for SEO analysis for your website which will make your site’s position to top more than still placed.

Why you will choose me for your SEO?

There are so many professional-non professional SEO experts in Bangladesh. But I am little bit different from others and my working style is totally different and unique and I believe in WhiteHat SEO. Let’s see why I am best fit for your business-

  • Enriched analysis
  • Custom reporting
  • Pure, perfect and precise SEO optimization
  • Effective keyword selection and their present condition
  • Find out your competitor’s SEO scores and their SEO analysis
  • Increase page rank (though everything depend on Google but I will try to make your site more compatible for Google search than you have ever seen.
  • Free analysis report in primary stage
  • Premium Service, Support and Consultancy

Please see the top slide and see what should I provide to you as a SEO expert in Bangladesh. Bangladesh SEO experts are always happy with their most favorite tasks like backlinking and other unwanted SEO work. So that I can be your perfect consideration for SEO optimization for your website.


This is first time in Bangladesh where Bangladesh SEO consultant is giving you free analysis. Free keyword analysis is so much important to understand your standings for SEO positions and most of the things are depending on it. You should use this free SEO tools. Also remember to understand your SEO competitor analysis.

Order free SEO analysis from Bangladesh for your website

Here you can order free SEO analysis report for your website. Please fill out the form below and send it to me. Within 24 hour I will send you my basic SEO analysis report for you.

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Add Facebook Open Graph Protocol Meta Data in your website

?Why Open Graph Protocol Metadata is important??


It is so much important to visualize your website’s information for Google search, Facebook Post and everywhere. And each of the sites follow few rules of their own. Google Follow microdata of and Facebook has developed it’s own Open Graph Protocol. To ensure your website’s?appearance in Facebook you should write down few custom <meta> information inside your website. What happened when you type a URL in facebook post? See my following image.


Facebook Open Graph Protocol for website
Facebook Open Graph Protocol for website

When you just post any URL then it capture few information from your posted link. And it’s great that if you are the owner of this URL then you can easily customize this view if you want and you should. Here (in the image)-

  • A? is the URL you are posting in Facebook.
  • B? is the title of your the website the URL point to
  • C? is the main URL
  • D? is the description which facebook can scrap from your website
  • E? is the image thumbnail for this URL.
  • F? is the option to select an image from all scraped images from your website

To customize the above information while posting your url to facebook place the following code before </head>?tag inside your webpage.

<!--Facebook Open Graph Protocol configuration in website by Shaharia Azam (>
<html xmlns="" dir="ltr" lang="en-US"
  <title>My Facebook OG Protocol Implementation</title>
  <meta property="og:type" content="website" />
  <meta property="og:title" content="My Website Title" />
  <meta property="og:image" content="" />
  <meta property="og:description" content="This is the description of your website which will be shown like D in the above image. It's helpful for promoting your website and attract visitors" />
  <meta property="og:url" content="" />

I hope now you can easily integrate Facebook Open Graph Protocol for your website. It’s very much useful to show information for your website to attract visitors.

SEO in Bangladesh – How to do start?

SEO in Bangladesh – A great place to start

It will be a great place to start SEO in Bangladesh. I have discovered few points for my thoughts.

Why you will start your website’s SEO in Bangladesh?

See the points below which will help you to think about your website’s traffic.

  • Low competition
    In Bangladesh you can get your site high because of low competition because most of the popular websites aren’t practicing SEO or implementing SEO strategy yet!! So it’s your chance to do SEO for your website before the techniques smells out for other popular website.
  • Not updated and Old thoughts
    Most of the Bangladeshi websites are not using latest web technology. They aren’t following better accessibility. Read my another post related this.
  • Not enough SEO specialist
    There are no enough SEO specialist in Bangladesh. Most of the ?SEO experts in Bangladesh are not yet skilled.
  • No SEO Expert for Company Job
    Companies are not yet started recruiting SEO expert for their company web. So it’s a real scenario in Bangladeshi career field. So let’s catch your chance
  • Still Effective
    SEO slowly is being so effective to arrange more and more traffic for website. So it’s high time to start thinking about to start SEO in Bangladesh
  • Future Career
    I can say that in near future SEO will be a demanded IT job position in Bangladesh.

So don’t be late. Start learning SEO and go forward for implementing it to generate more traffic.