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WordPress is not a little kid now. It is being popular throughout the world as a best CMS tools for website. You can easily create, build any website without any programming and coding knowledge. For your help I am providing you some themes for download.

Abstract Woo Theme


Download: Abstract WP Themes


Download Ambience Woo Theme


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Left sidebar in Twenty Ten themes in WordPress

To move the Right Sidebar in Left side in Twenty Ten themes in WordPress, Then just open style.css stylesheet and in the last of this CSS file, just add the following few lines. Now the right sidebar with all the content placing into that will be transferred into left sidebar.


/*Move Right sidebar to Left*/
#container {	float:right;	margin-right:-260px;?? ? ? ?width: 100%;}
#content {	margin: 0 280px 0 20px;}
#primary, #secondary {float:left;clear:left;margin-left: 10px;}



Turn off the header navigation from Twenty Ten theme in WordPress

Turn off the header navigation from Twenty Ten theme in WordPress

Once a time one of my clients has said to turn off the header navigation bar from the twenty ten themes in wordpress. So that I try to figure it out because Twenty Ten theme has it’s own functions.php for function library.

After looking after I found the simple one click solution. That is described below as the following picture.

How to turn off the Twenty Ten themes header navigation
How to turn off the Twenty Ten themes header navigation

According to the above image, in the approx. 223 number of line you will see one ‘return $args;’ in the ‘twentyten_page_menu_args($args)’ function. Just turn off this line by giving PHP comment symbol ‘//’. And then you will never see the header navigation in the twenty ten theme in wordpress.

Have fun!!!!




'Title Research' Plugin for WordPress

Plugin Name: Title Research
Plugin URI:
Description: This ‘Title Research’ plugin is helpful for researcher who want direct search according to the title of the wordpress post. They don’t need to search on that same topics in the search engine. They can easily get the more information by clicking the search engine’s icons.
Version: 1.0
Author URI:


Download titleresearch plugin for wordpress.

WordPress plugin development is a real easy work



It’s really easy to develop wordpress plugin. Just follow some steps.

Step1: First make a PHP file in wp-content/plugin/ directory. Basically filename will be the name of your plugin. So try to give a unique name of your plugin.

Step2: Now write down some plugin information like Plugin name, Author, description etc. It’s compulsory because wordpress will detect your plugin through this information.

step3: Now write down your main task in a function like ShowText() [according to the above image].

Step4: To execute your function add an wordpress action like add_action (‘the_content’, ‘ShowText’) means when the wordpress will load the_content() function then your ShowText() function will also load.

Step5: To create a menu within wordpress admin control panel for your plugin, you need to call action like add_action(‘admin_menu’,’my_plugin_menu’);.. here my plugin menu is your plugin’s menu function.

Now you have to give some argument into the my_plugin_menu() such as ‘Title, Plugin slug, menu’s link output function. In this above image the output function is ‘my_plugin_options().

Now we have to write down the output within my_plugin_options()function.

Now I hope you have a little bit concept about the plugin development. Let’s start your wordpress plugin development journey.


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