Check whether URL match with Wildcard pattern

Suppose, you have some rules to check whitelisted url. So everytime whenever you will get a new url so you can cross match that URL with your whitelisted URL. And whitelisted URLs sometimes can be wildcard url. So to check whether the given URL matched any of the wildcard urls.

$whiteListedUrls = [

$url = "";

function checkUrlWildcard($url, $whiteListUrls = [])
    foreach ($whiteListUrls as $wUrl) {
        $pattern = preg_quote($wUrl, '/');
        $pattern = str_replace('\*', '.*', $pattern);
        $matched = preg_match('/^' . $pattern . '$/i', $url);
        if ($matched > 0) {
            return true;

    return false;

//it will return true
var_export(checkUrlWildcard($url, $whiteListedUrls));* this url means actually all url path after So if we want to check whether it is covered with our rules or not. So it will return true of course.

It’s a simple PHP script. But may help somebody.

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