Come On Mr. Shaharia Azam

Just want to run like a light speed. Any storm, any person, any particle, any gun, any kinds of obstacle can’t stop me. I will just run… run and run.
Shaharia will run with light speed
RUN and RUN mr. azam. A bright future is calling you. You have some GOD gifted power. So why you will be slow”? No, I will not stop. Come and fight with me. I am ready to be your competitor. Just beat me… I will make a strength again. Why I am crying? No cry Mr. Azam. Cry and Shaharia is from different world.

I will show myself in this world. Why world will eat me… I will eat the world. I will make the world. Why in this world I am unhappy? I will make every people happy…. Why shaharia you are stop now? The world is seeing towards you. Throw the power, encourage others, save this world. This world is not a better place for you. Make this world is better for you. Just throw the wind which is crashing you.

Don’t see behind you… Everything is OK. Just think. Go Go Go Mr. Azam. The world is thirsty for you. Don’t stop. Never stop. Just run… run how much you can. Make everyone is yours. You will run with the speed of light.

Everything will come to you. Everything.. Everything. Don’t look behind. You know that you are very much important human being for this world. Save the world and run yourself with the light speed. If you can run with this speed, nobody can touch you.

Don’t cry anymore…. Discover dream…… Bring dream to you.. don’t see dream. Don’t go for success. You will make the word ‘Success’. You don’t call success. Success will come. Why you are stopped? Come and enlighten yourself. Your name is written in the heart of every person. Your name are available into the blood of each human cells. Come come come. Don’t be late.

Come and make fire which will make you light and speedy your life and run run run with the light speed.

Best of luck. Never see behind of yours….

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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