Complete steps for being a Complete Web Programmer

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Steps for being a complete web programmer

Basically most of the technology professional want to turn their career into Web Programming and Web Application Development. And obviously it is the most innovative and?demanding profession in this Hi-Tech age. As a Web Programmer, I have studied about the steps and found something. Then I have made an illustration which can show you the steps for being a complete web developer.

But it is true that, for being more advance you need to know more. Web Technology is such a technology which is developing day by day. So you should keep you updated with the latest stuffs.



According to the above illustration you must should know about Web Technology. Because you should be familiar with this technology that’s why you will get opportunity to work under this technology platform. I have defined this as Concepts. Concepts means how this technology work, what is the Web 2.0, what’s the tools, what’s the new stuffs, what’s coming and what’s exists, everything just make a clear concepts.


Now you can enter into your road. That is started with HTML. HTML is the mother of Web Technology. It’s my personal opinion. Because most of the output of your work will be shown through this HTML. So you should know this first.


CSS is the brush to colorize and formatting your HTML documents. You can easily work and develop interactive Graphical User Interface with this CSS (Cascadin Style Sheet).

JavaScript and jQuery:

JavaScript is used as a tools for developing Client Side Interactivity. It helps you to make your application or system more interactive and user friendly. And jQuery is the most important stuff in this web technology. It is just a framework build with JavaScript. It helps to do your JavaScript coding more easier and small.


Now you can enter your raw programming level. You can start it from PHP. There are so many language all over the world. But PHP is open source and it is also more powerful to develop any kinds of secured and large web application. There are many programming language for developing web application such as PHP, ASP, JSP etc.. But PHP can be your good choice if you want to be a part of open source community and if you want a powerful career.



For developing database driven web application you can cover MySQL or ORACLE. But most of the web application are build in MySQL because it is open source and it is being developed day by day. ?Oracle is basically used for desktop based large application.

(I will write about more things related to web application development)


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