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What’s the most critical task for a blogger or an SEO expert? It’s writing content. “Content is the king” and we can’t deny it. It feeds Google search engine algorithm and make your site’s ranking healthy. But getting content writing idea is more crucial for everybody. At least everyday before going to sleep I fry my head to get new content ideas. Trust me, it happens to me everyday and every night.

I can’t get rid of this because I don’t want to. But since so many years when I had no blog or no place to write, I had a habit (by born). That is “reading”. I love to read so many topics. Daily I read average 30/35 articles. Sometimes my mobile phone keeps crying because so many tabs are always open in my Android phone chrome browser.

Why writing content is crucial?

Because you need to write something that people wants to read actually. Otherwise there is no value of writing great content on your website. Better you can keep writing arbitrary content in your notebook. But you want to write great article for your website because you want to bring visitor and want them to read your writing and sometimes want to get their feedback.

This is how a blog works. And specially if you are targeting better ranking in Google SERP, then no doubt you are also frying your brain to brainstorming to get content writing idea. So why it’s crucial. Because before selecting a topics to write, you need to care about these.

  • Do you love this topics?
  • Do you know better about this topics?
  • Do people actually looking to read this kinds of article?

At least those are common questions before selecting a topics to writing great contents that you love. So why you will find the topics you love and how do you know which one is popular topics now and which one people are looking for.

In this case, I have a medicine on my pocket that solves all those problems. I want to share that medicine with you today in this article. So what’s that medicine? It’s “Google Discover”.

What is Google Discover?

It’s the former Google Feed. Now it’s Google Discover. It shows you the latest news, events, interesting topics that you love from reliable content sources. The most interesting thing is it’s completely based on your interest. But sometime Google want to test new stuff out of your interest.

Google discover for getting content writing idea
Google Discover Preview

Google discover lets you choose which you like most, which you want to read less or more, which topics you are interested in. Also Google Discover will show the contents related to your recent searches and reading habit. So it’s pretty obvious that most of the content from Google Discover you will love than hate it.

And you can enjoy all your lovely topics right from your Android phone.

How Google Discover can help generating content writing idea?

Does it sound strange to you? I guess not. Because it is perfectly helping me to manage writing content for my two tech news portal, two personal blogs without hammering on my head or frying my brain at night. Google brings all the interesting article, articles that I love in front of me without any effort. Even I don’t need to search anything. Google just knows already what I love, which celebrity I like most, which news source I trust, what types of topics I love to write and engage.

So, that’s it. Can you remember what was the first problem I mentioned above? It’s “do you love this topics”. Of course yet, because I love this that’s why Google just discovered that topics in my phone.

Content wrtiter is getting content writing idea from Google Discover

Now what about “do you know better about this topics?”. It’s all right. May be I love this topics Google just showed me. But may be I don’t know better about this topics. It happens and happens more frequently to me. So what I do is keep searching with that content title in Google and keep researching a bit about that. Because I already loved that articles mean I already saw other contents similar to that topics. Correct? Yes, that’s correct. So it will take little bit of time to update my knowledge about that topics.

So we solved the second problem by knowing more about that topics. Now the third question is “do people actually looking to read this kinds of article?” That’s another tricky questions to provide answer for. However, every time I get new content writing idea I started writing. After that I search it’s popularity and optimize it. But may be it’s only for me. But what’s for everybody? Most of the writer or SEO experts want to know the article’s or topic’s popularity before spending time in writing. That’s pretty honest.

So how you will determine that this topics is popular. The first things to keep in mind that Google discover doesn’t display contents without any buzzing happened around the world. Like it will not show you the news for twin tower bombing today. It will show you the news that’s happening more recently and there has been a spike of people’s interest about that topics. This is how Google discover works.

So when you will see any topics in Google discover, without hesitation you will think that people are already reading that types of topics. Now go to Twitter, search for relevant hashtags, search for Google trends, keyword explorer to check if the topics has a demand. Most of the time I use KeywordsEverywhere chrome extension to check. It’s already installed. You can also install this from

So that’s it. You got the idea while you are walking, reading, eating and your phone is with you all the time. Keep reading and help Google to understand your interest so it will show more interesting and relevant articles in your Google discover. This way Google discover can help you generate more great content writing idea for your own blog, news portal and in any digital medium.

If you found any other helpful source to generate great content writing ideas, please share that with me in the comment box. Thanks and happy writing 🙂

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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