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Today I was discussing about some matters with one of my clients like elder brother. On the discussion we have a part that “How human are changing the epoch or age of this world?” One answer we have retrieve that actually technology is making most of the change. Electric light, Airplane, Electricity, Computer everything was invented and parts of technology. And human creates technology. Student life digitalization conceptNow a days everything is being digitalized. So in this digital world and where this digitalization made of, the core source is ‘Knowledge’ of ‘Students’. So digital student life of course is very much valuable concepts in this tech world. I am not talking about acquiring degree through digital system that is called ‘Online Education’. I am talking about the digital lifestyle of a student.

It’s really a matter to become worry when a students go university, colleges or school with high volume of books, pen, papers, handwriting. Toughest situation to maintain communication with all of the classmates, friends, teachers. Even save the contact details in a smartphone. It costs many things. Take time to maintain all the above things. Now time has come to re-think about the student lifestyle method. What I have talked that was some parts to become digital lifestyle leader. But it’s really a new concept to make everything within one place from where each students can get all the things, all the information through the information box just like a?tiff-in?box from one box one can eat egg, vegetables, meat etc. It can be a new concept. I searched many times but there is no solution over the internet.

One global accessible place need to be made where one students can calculate his daily costs, contact number, notes and important study material, social communication system, online learning tools even h/her own evaluation tools. H/She will be able to discuss topics with his friends, teachers, classmates and everybody.

Of course you are clear that I am talking about the Online Digital Student Life System.

It’s just a concept from me. I will not tell that it is unique but of course anyone can make it as a unique digitalization process for a student life. It can be a great source to smile once in future for a student.

I will discuss about this matter later. Don’t share this concept randomly. Just share your ideas and concepts with me through my comment system. We can be a part to become?revolutionary icon for all of the students in future. Let’s share our own ideas with each other. Because??by sharing knowledge you can prove your density of your own knowledge.

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