Don’t think about SEO, Just keep writing when you are busy

Everybody want to beat somebody in Google search engine result page. All are looking for a great keyword. There are over thousands tools that can help you to analyze keywords. I was also using those keywords analysis tools lots of time and spent hours, days but of course it helps. It’s true.

Are you a busy blogger?

If blogging is not your profession then of course you are doing any job of course or doing any freelancing projects. That means you are a busy blogger. If I am correct then this will be easy for me to convince you. I am a professional software engineer and I personally pass very busy time in working days. But I love blogging. I write so much, really so many article I write everywhere (in my blog, in online news portal, social media, everywhere). I do it because it’s my hobby to write and publish. My life is not completely depended on the income from my blog, although I earned a little. Come and have a beer with me. It’s on me 🙂

In the beginning before writing any content I analyze keywords and do lots of research and it took lots of my time. But it seems that I can’t write about the content I love. Because I was so much focused on SEO. I was going far away from my hobby and considering it as an earning channel.

Don’t research, just write about what you love

I say once more already that it’s my hobby and I don’t live on this earning from my blog. So if you are also like me, then you don’t need to spent too much time for looking keywords, analyze them, tracking them, etcetra etcetra.

Just write about the content you love most and know better. If you truly write genuine article with your own knowledge and concept your blog will be your diary. And believe me, you will start getting traffic (may be little bit slow). And when you will start getting traffic in your website, it will continuously grow and grow.

Follow the basic guidelines when you write & that’s it!

I am running my personal blog with WordPress. I have Yoast SEO plugin installed on my blog. When I write, I just check the result and recommendation from this plugin and that’s it. And after couple months I start getting traffic from search engine from those articles. They provide very basic but powerful recommendation on every content I write I just follow them. And I don’t need to worry for other things.

This article is not intended to discourage your SEO effort. It’s just a thought that I personally followed and it saves my time, increase content on my blog and eventually I get traffic. I am also a busy blogger and I write out of my hobby. So you also do the same. Just keep writing, no matter what your SEO rankings are.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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