Download attack surface analyzer 2.0

Download Microsoft’s Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0

Microsoft has been released all new version of Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0. This tool helps you to detect all the changes made in your system by any software you installed on your computer. Everyday we install several software to make our life easier. But do you know which system settings that software changed after installing? May be not. Nobody (even me) try to find it out except few exceptional geeks.

The purpose

Every software we install with elevated privilege. And those software can change very important settings in our computer that we don’t know. In 2012 Microsoft first develop this tools to scan your computer and made a report about those changes. And people loved this tools to find bad actors (bad software) living happily in your computer.

Now in May 2019 Microsoft released all new Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0 to take advantage of their modern software and technologies like .NET Core and Electron. View details about Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0 release announcement from Tech Matra.

Download Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0

You can install this latest version of Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0 on your Windows, Linux and macOS computer. Download attack surface analyzer 2.0 today and scan your computer to check all the change reports.

Also this project has been open-sourced on GitHub. Check the GitHub repo of attack surface analyzer.

You can also download attack surface analyzer 1.0 from here.

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