E-Commerce in Bangladesh

E-Commerce Trade License in Bangladesh

E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing industry and trends in Bangladesh currently. Since last 5 years there are lots of e-commerce businesses have started their operation in Bangladesh. But mostly are operating only for Dhaka city and few businesses have started only in their city. It’s a good sign and definitely e-commerce will grow in coming days. Lots of people asked me if they need a trade license for their e-commerce business in Bangladesh. And the answer is “yes, of course”. So you need e-commerce trade license in Bangladesh. Every businesses are required to have trade license in Bangladesh.

What is Trade License in Bangladesh?

If you are running a business in Bangladesh, you need a trade license from your local authority. No matter what types of businesses you are involved with. Trade license is the first and mandatory legal paper to operate any kinds of businesses in Bangladesh. So you should get a trade license because it’s so easy. Without trade license you can’t –

  • Open a bank account
  • Can’t put any banner, festoon, leaflet, digital banner
  • Can’t sign any agreement or contract with other businesses
  • Other businesses won’t do business with you
  • Rent any office space for your business

And most importantly you can’t operate your business legally without trade license in Bangladesh. So it’s a good advice for you to go to your local authority to get a new trade license for your business.

What is E-Commerce business in Bangladesh?

E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce. Any kinds of transactions, selling or buying products online with or without having a physical office is e-commerce. To run an e-commerce business, you don’t need to have a showroom, an office space or any physical store at all. You can start and operate your entire e-commerce business online. You just need a website, smart phone or computer to process and manage your store and orders. In Bangladesh people are now getting engaged with online shopping brands. People love to buy their products without going to store. People in Bangladesh can now buy favorite dress, favorite products from Facebook, e-commerce website.

Get a trade license for E-Commerce business in Bangladesh

To get trade license for any business in Bangladesh is super easy. It was complex at a time before but now you will go through a smooth and managed process to get a trade license for your e-commerce business in Bangladesh.

Dhaka North City Corporation

Are you living in City Corporation area?

If you are living inside any city corporation area, you should go to your local city corporation office to collect the application form to get your e-commerce trade license. But most importantly I have tried to collect some more information for Dhaka North City corporation and Dhaka South City corporation.

Need help with your trade license?

Contact with me for legal advise and details procedures to start e-commerce business legally in Bangladesh

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Are you living in other city?

If you are living in city which is not under any city corporation, you need to go to your local office of pourashava office, chairman’s office to collect the application for for trade license. In other words, you need to contact with your local authority. In addition, you can write your problems in the comment box below if you need help.

Are you living in village?

If you are living in any village, you need to go to your chairman’s office to collect the application form for your e-commerce trade license.

So you want to start your business here in Bangladesh. If you face any difficulties, write your experience in the comment box below. So other can get an idea about your experience related to get a trade license for e-commerce business in Bangladesh.

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E-Commerce Trade License in Bangladesh

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