Earn money by Google Adsense

?Google Adsense is really a good source of income?

Google adsense is really a good source for income online. But remember this Google Adsense is a hottest service of Google so it’s not so easy to eat the revenue enough from it within a single day or withing a single month. Just you need to keep carrrying doing work.

Google Adsense is doing it’s service since June 18, 2003. It’s distributing it’s revenue by serving advertisements globally. Google heavily track your earning and there is no way to bet with Google adsense. if you try you can be banned for highest 99 years.


Google just collecting ads and serving them to your website. Google is getting few revenue and you are also getting a little bit percentage of their earning amount because ad owner need impression and other things.

In Bangladesh, there are many Google Adsense publishers who are earning money. I will describe how you can get started with Google Adsense. Then first, of all you need to become more familiar with their system how their ads are working. If you can work hard, so you must earn a lot from Google adsense. So start doing work and set a target to implement Google adsense service with your own blogging system. I will tell about ‘How to get started for earning from Google Adsense?‘ later on.

You should be able to spend regular times on internet. The most basic target of Google Adsense is to engage more and more user.

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