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Effective SEO techniques without learning SEO

The title of this post sounds funny to you? It seems funny but it’s not. I am in tech industry since 2009 and I saw few things in my professional lifetime that I usually share on my blog. I never took any training on SEO, never read too much or study too much about SEO. But my contents are working perfectly. When I first started writing blog in my college life, I never heard about SEO. But here I am writing effective SEO techniques. I write so many articles and all are good ones. That’s why I am here to talk about doing effective SEO without actually learning SEO. Let’s see how to achieve that.

Effective SEO techniques without learning SEO
Effective SEO techniques without learning SEO

Choose content that you love and know about

Writing authoritative content is a big deal in SEO. A good content with your own knowledge and correct reference is just enough for your SEO effort. But you have to be patient. Just write about what you know best. If you just read something from other website and just write that in your blog, it won’t work. Every people know something and you are also knowledgeable too. So for doing SEO you don’t need to attend in any training session. Just write the content from your knowledge and on your interested topics.

Content guidelines that automatically improve SEO

When you write about any topics, don’t overthink about SEO. Just write. But yet, there are few things you have to consider but that doesn’t require any technical or SEO knowledge. Today I am here to discuss those bullet points that you can easily practice and implement without learning SEO. These are effective SEO techniques for your website.

Here is the guidelines to improve your site’s SEO without practically knowing about SEO.

What is an SEO
What is an SEO

1. Write a good title

In search engine people see lots of search results but they don’t click on every results. So your website title should be precise, not so large, not so short.

2. Content text length

Try to write as much as you can. Recommended content length is at least 300+ worlds.

3. Meta description

Meta description is an important factors. Because this description will be displaying in search engine result page just after title. Try to keep it short within 160 characters.

4. Internal links

If you have any article try to make a link of that article (must be relevant to the topics).

5. Outboud links

Try to put any trusted website link inside the article.

6. Add images and multimedia

Try to add creative and relevant graphics or images or videos in your article. Like human, search engine also love interactive content.

7. Maintain header & sub-heading (h1, h2…h6)

It’s important to maintain content’s heading and sub-heading so search engine can detect importance and relevancy of your content.

Just maintain these effective SEO techniques when you will write content and keep calm! It will eventually work if your content is truly amazing. Read my articles on SEO.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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