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Enable Docker in PhpStorm – Deploy PHP App in Docker

Everybody is talking about Docker this days. Trust me, you should too. It’s the future for running application. Deploying your codes or application in a Docker container is going to be a very popular. So let’s see how to enable Docker in PhpStorm so you can debug your application from PhpStorm to Docker container easily.

I am assuming that you already have Docker installed on your machine. Note: in this article I am using Ubuntu OS. So adjust things accordingly. Also you have PHPStorm installed too. If I am correct then read below, otherwise you need to install PhpStorm and Docker both to make this work.

First, go to Settings/Preferences (Ctrl + Alt + S), then go to Build, Execution, Deployment | Docker

You will see “Connection successful”. But if you do it first time, you may see a “cannot connect to docker daemon at unix ///var/run/docker.sock” error. If you see this error, mostly it’s related to permission. You need to add current Ubuntu user to docker group with the following command.

sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

After adding yourself to the docker group, do the configuration step again and your PhpStorm will get connected with your Docker daemon.

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If you face any trouble to enable Docker in PhpStorm, please write a comment below.

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