Few easy example of PHP Data Type

There are 8 types of Data in PHP programming language. Here is the list of all Data Types:
#####Scalar Type
1. Boolean
2. Integar
3. Float
4. String

Compound Type
5.	Array
6.	Object
Special Type
7.	Resource
8.	Null

Now please see the following code and run yourself on your computer to see the result and I hope you will easily understand about what is PHP Data Type and the usage of this.

 *  @Author: G. M. Shaharia Azam
 *  @URL: http://www.shahariaazam.com
 *  @Description: Few example of PHP Data Type

/*  delcare few variable to check their data type */
$intVar = 10;   //Integar variable

$floatVar = 2.49;   //Float type aka Double

$stringVar = "There are 8 data types in PHP";   // String

$arrayVar = array(
    'Float aka Double',
    'String', 'Array',
);  // Array type

$booleanVar = true; // Boolean type

// Make an empty class to check object type
class obj{


$objectVar = new obj();

// To check resource type
$resource = mysql_connect();

// Null value
$nullVar = null;

// output the data type of each variable
echo gettype($intVar);
echo "n";
echo gettype($floatVar);
echo "n";
echo  gettype($stringVar);
echo "n";
echo gettype($arrayVar);
echo "n";
echo gettype($booleanVar);
echo "n";
echo gettype($objectVar);
echo "n";
echo gettype($resource);
echo "n";
echo gettype($nullVar);
echo "n";

Write down your comments if you face any problem regarding PHP Data Type. Happy PHP-ing.

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