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Hey everybody.. I am regularly trying to post some new, basic & more useful posts for you to develop yourself. It is a fun of me. Today I will introduce you

‘How you can upload your files from your PC to your website or web server’

FileZilla is the best choice of me & probably you. Because you will have to upload & download files or content from your website or webserver (interaction between web server & your local PC) through any FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client software. FileZilla is my best choice because I like open Source & this software is totally open source & it regularly give you updated module that is better for your healthy interaction with web & your local computer.

So, Today I have decided to share my knowledge with FileZilla FTP software about how it works…

Follow the following steps to reach your webserver directory for working with it’s content:

First Step:

Downlaod the FileZilla software (for download, click here) and install it into your computer.

Second Step:

Open FileZilla.

Learn how to upload files to web server

In the Hostname input box put your website address (i.e.- & in Username put your FTP username & in Password field put your password here & then press Quickconnect.

Now your FileZilla will connect your web FTP server & it will show a status screen as like as following:

Learn how to upload files to web server

Now you will show a dialogue box.

Learn how to upload files to web server

as like as the same above image, you will see two column left column is your local PC directory locator & right side column is your Remote PC directory locator.

Third Step:

Now you can select any file from your local PC & right click on the file & upload it to your destination directory. Same you can download file from your web server directory.

N.B: Always upload your website content into your web server’s ‘www’ or ‘public_html’ folder.

Thanks. If you need any additional information you can post your comment I will be back soon for you.

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