Finally goodbye to the old Search Console

Google finally said goodbye to it’s old Search Console. On behalf of the Search Console Team Hillel Maoz wrote it in an official blog post today. A goodbye picture has been also posted in that post. It seems that the team is no longer will work for the old one.

Goodbye to old search console

The new search console was already available couple months even a year. The search console team was migrating all the important features from old search console to new search console. Still there were some features were due. Today I saw that a new section in the new search console “legacy tools & reports”. All the due features just boxed in this section.

New Search Console. Legacy tools and reports section

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Legacy tools & reports

In this new sections, see the list of features from old search console you may find –

  • International targeting
  • Removals
  • Crawl stats
  • Messages
  • URL parameters
  • Web Tools

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