Find out How Many Times Remaining in PHP Programming

Suppose you have a date  2012-12-20 and today is 2012-12-18. What’s the different You can now see the ‘Time Remaining to 2012-12-18’ by implementing the following code.

     * @param null $fromTime
     * @param null $toTime
     * @param bool $is_simple
     * @param array $options
     * @return string
     * @copyright     Shaharia Azam 2012-2020, Shaharia Azam Personal Project. (
     * @link Personal Project
     * @license       MIT License (
    function TimeAfter($fromTime = null, $toTime = null,$is_simple=true, array $options=array('before'=>false,'after'=>false))
            if(array_key_exists('before',$options) && !empty($options['before']))
                $before=$options['before']; else $before="";
            if(array_key_exists('after',$options) && !empty($options['after']))
                $after=$options['after'];   else $after="";
        if (!empty($fromTime) && !empty($toTime))
            $start_date = new DateTime($toTime);
            $since_start = $start_date->diff(new DateTime($fromTime));

            if($is_simple === true)
                if($since_start->m == "0")
                    return $before.$since_start->d." days".$after;
                return $before.$since_start->m." months ".$since_start->d." days".$after;
                if($since_start->Y == "0")
                    return $before.$since_start->m." months ".$since_start->d." days".$after;
                return $before.$since_start->Y." years ".$since_start->m." months ".$since_start->d." days".$after;


Now you can use TimeAfter() with all your required arguments.

  • To get PHP current date time you can use <?php echo date(‘Y-m-d’); ?>
  • To compare with the previous date you can use <?php echo $YourDateValue; ?>
  • To get simple format you can use the function as follows:
    $remaining= TimeAfter(date('Y-m-d'),'2012-12-18',true,array('before'=>'after '))

    Argument List respectively:

    $fromTime =Your Current Time
    $toTime = Comparing Previous Date
    $is_simple = default (true) [return simple format data]
    $options=array(‘before’=>’Remaining ‘, ‘after’=>’ ‘);
    ‘before’ and ‘after’ will be placed while returning the final print.

Happy Coding!!

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