First Cyber Crime Case in Dhaka Court


It’s really a great news to hear the news from that The First Cyber Crime Case has been formed in Dhaka Court.

And this case is about to betray with false information in Facebook. Again facebook. Really facebook is a new trends to the young tech-lover guys. According to this cases one girl has been betrayed by two young man. Two young man identified them as a editor of a news magazine. And they said that they will recruit that girl for a job. And they recruit her.

Some days later one of the persons among two give proposal to marry with that girl. And girl refuses it. Then another friend of this person make some photograph of the girl and publish the modified images unethically to another false facebook account. After few days girl get a proposal from a real world man for marry. And then that two criminal publish the unethical images to that man who was going to marry that girl.

Few months ago in Chittagong there is a person who has made some unethical images of a girl for doing unethical activities with that girl.

Really it is a news to hurt. Again by facebook this kinds of criminal are focusing their activities. This should be a major concern of the government of our country. Because to use technology is a legal human right, but abuse of this rights is really bad. And for facebook there are many alarming news (image flash, video capture, profile identification, theft by custom app, hacking, child porno images capturing). It’s not good. So try to be more aware to use your Facebook account where big big secret, unclassified documents can be stolen from various kinds of embassy so are we safe in the human made technology?


Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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