Fiverr Best Practices for Sellers – Curated by Experts

Are you new to the world of freelancing or wanted to become a successful freelancer? Currently there are tons of websites to find work that you can do from home and earn plenty amount of money. Fiverr is one of the popular marketplace where you can find works, sell your gigs. In this article I am going to write some Fiverr best practices for sellers that I have curated from many professionals, Fiverr website and expert sellers.

Once I had a dream to work as a freelancer, earn money and travelling all the dream places around the world. But unfortunately as a software engineer I had to establish my own businesses and a great team to serve my clients. But yes of course I didn’t close the doors of freelancing. I regularly updated my profiles on Fiverr, oDesk, Elance (merged with oDesk), sites. If I am honest, then I can tell you that I got so many clients for my businesses from those sites. I was using those sites to get international clients not for me, but for my own business.

But throughout my entire career I met with so many people who have their profile on Fiverr, some are earning decent amount of money, some are earning lots of money and lots of them don’t know how to get started on Fiverr after creating seller account. So I have studied, I talked with few experts, searched on Google, took notes from Fiverr website to make a list of best practices for Fiverr sellers. Here it is I tried to explain in this article.

Fiverr is one of the largest platforms

Should I introduce Fiverr to you? I don’t think so. I assume you are reading this article to get one step ahead with your profile to get more order on Fiverr. Is it true? Yes, I know. But let me tell you a bit about Fiverr. But if you do not have an account on Fiverr, signup now.

Fiverr is one of the largest platforms where buyer can buy Gigs from sellers and sellers can work for any specific order. It works like a middleman. Fiverr already established their brand worldwide. So buyer can rely working with Fiverr sellers and Fiverr do their promotion and other marketing stuffs to bring traffic into their platform.

You don’t need to spend any money. But if you works correctly and perfectly, you will be rewarded by getting more and more orders for your Gigs. Fiverr takes the money from buyer and after completion of the order Fiverr release that money to you. That’s the entire process.

Maintain Fiverr best practices for sellers and be happy

Now let’s see how you can outperform on Fiverr platform. Read our entire article about Fiverr best practices for sellers and implement those techniques to your Fiverr profile to get things done!

Curated Best Practices for Fiverr Sellers

Never take a rest while thinking to expand your earning source until it finalize. You should remember that there are millions of people buying or selling on Fiverr. So why buyer should care about your profile? In the world of competition you have to study, research, implement all the Fiverr best practices for sellers from this guide.

1. Rapid replies win more customers

Being responsive to customers will create a positive experience and help you build a strong reputation on Fiverr. Make sure you provide thorough and informative updates to your customers throughout the entire process. You can use the Fiverr app to respond to your messages from anytime, anywhere.

2. Use The Quick Response feature

Use pre-written templates or create your own right above the message area in an inbox, to help you reply faster—even when you’re busy.

3. Keep customers updated throughout the process

Let customers know you’re there for them and have everything you need to get started, once you receive their order requirements. Follow up on any questions or concerns they may have to give them the confidence they need.

4. Structure your work process and create clarity

Let customers know beforehand when they should be expecting to receive drafts, their delivery, and any feedback.

5. Deliver quality work

Make sure the delivery fulfills your customers’ requirements and is of top quality. Follow up with customers to ensure they’re pleased with the work they got.

6. Deliver on time

Give your customers the best experience possible. This is extremely important for your progress and success as a seller on Fiverr. Need more time to deliver your work? Be proactive and let your customer know ahead of time, and request a delivery due date extension in the Resolution Center.

Don’t just meet your customer’s expectations,

exceed them!


I have lots of things in my notebook to share as article in my blog about freelancing and specially for Fiverr platform. Bookmark my website and keep reading my future article that will help you to achieve your goal as a freelancer in Fiverr. All the best practices have been curated by experts, fiverr websites, research from Google and from other professionals in this industry.

Whether you want to sell your gigs or if you want to get your works done, create an account on Fiverr now.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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