Flow of Blood in Heaven

There are some little matter. Going to be covered under shadow. But don’t know why it is coming more slightly. Don’t want to be change. Don’t see even never see this. It’s just a flow of blood in heaven. Hundreds of dream even million of dreams are going to be freaky. And I think I am the last one who are seeing this flow of blood.

This was just written in my eyes and don’t want to make change. Just think some small drop of flow of blood but it is in the heaven. After passing a lonely and a strange night I meet some air of earth who is breathing itself from the flow of blood. Just tried to keep me behind the blood. But at last I can’t imagine what is going on. But I can’t. Really can’t touch the heart of heaven where are full of some flows of bloods.

The scene behind the sea is just like a storm which has no sounds of air, no covering with sky.. just a little bit freaky. Uffffff this is the real truth of the world where has no heaven where has no human even not the creator because I don’t think so that it’s not the world of mine and I am going to be a ghost like the star. Because some star works for whole the day but nobody can see it. But it does it’s duty.

I am almost in the finishing line where just 1 inch left behind from the no-man’s lands of my new world of something. So I have to enter the world where there is no stranger to take me out…

Bye for today. I will come back again and I will try to speak again. Because I am alive. Don’t try to like this.


Shaharia Azam

05 October’2010 (05:30 AM)

[A strange night I am feeling with some strange GOD]

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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