Forex in Bangladesh – You should learn to earn

FOREX in Bangladesh is a HOT TOPICS

In Bangladesh people are now so much conscious about forex trade in Bangladesh. In this country people are earning lots of money by investing money in Forex markets. Few people are profiting and few people are losing because of misleading or mis-direction. But Forex can be a good thing for Bangladeshi who want to earn money from home by just few clicks. Now a days there are so many websites who are providing forex trading signals, forex tutorials. In Bangladesh there are also a numerous website who are providing forex tutorial in Bengali. I searched all of them and got that once a time after becoming their fan they provide experts for forex trading by taking money from their readers or learner. I always hate them and that’s why Bangladesh bank has banned any kinds of forex related transaction inside our Bangladesh. I strongly protest them.

That’s why I am here to introduce you with my personal website where I will provide you the complete step-by-step tutorial guide (in bengali and english both) completely free. Just stay with this website and if you can, just bookmark this website in your browser. I hope my step by step easy tutorials will help you to understand about forex in bangladesh. I got lots of queries that people ask me there are any company in Bangladesh who are the forex broker. Basically In Bangladesh there are no forex brokerage houses in Bangladesh. That’s why you have to choose a foreign forex brokerage house like eToro, MT4, InstaForex etc..

Within this month I will publish my forex guide in Bengali and English both languages. So stay with my website and wait for my best effort. But I can ensure you that Forex is a good thing where you can legally earn money. But believe me don’t be convienced with other people for investment. Most of them can be fraud. Just learn yourself and invest yourself directly to Forex. Forex in Bangladesh is likely becoming a hot topics amongh the youngs of Bangladesh. And I hope it will continue.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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