Forex trading from Bangladesh – Where to start?


Recently Bangladesh Bank has banned any kinds of financial transaction related to Forex. But honestly Forex is a good place for earning money and it’s real but in Bangladesh few institutions or companies tried to fraud and earn money by providing training and their ultimate target was to collect money from general people that’s why Bangladesh Bank has banned it.

But still you can do it from your own capital. For that it’s real and really it will give you real money.

I have already written many things about ‘Forex trading in Bangladesh‘. ?Many users has requested me to write about ‘How you can start Forex business’ .

Today I will teach you how to start forex trading from Bangladesh to earn money. First you should remember that ‘FOREX IS NOT FOR THEM WHO WILL BE DEPENDENT ON FOREX FOR SERVING THEIR DAILY MEAL OR RENT’. It’s about understanding the country economy and invest money.

For Bangladeshi it’s easy to start forex trading. Just go to InstaForex and open an account there… ?From the main menu of InstaForex you will find ‘FOR TRADERS’ and then click on ‘OPEN ACCOUNT’ so that you will be redirected to registration option. Registration is pretty simple. You can face Password generate problem there so you can click ‘Generate’ link to auto generate secured password. It will take only 1-2 minute to register there.
They provide pretty simple earning mechanism also. You can catch there. If you face any problem just post comments here and I will try to solve your problem.

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