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Google always love webmasters. And it always recognizes WordPress very well. It’s not a topic of debate about WordPress. You believe it or not there are more than 75 million websites are currently running on WordPress CMS. It’s one of the most used content management system in the world. In the other hand, we all know Google that doesn’t require any introduction about it. But when Google helps the WordPress users that means it’s a huge commitment and Google has the capacity to please all webmasters for their WordPress website. As part of the Google’s commitment, Google is developing an unified WordPress plugin and it’s name is Google Site Kit.

Mariya Moeva from Google announced about this plugin by publishing a blog post on Google on 6 December 2018. Later on 19 June 2019, this plugin was available for developer preview.

What is Google Site Kit?

Google Site Kit is a WordPress plugin that is being developed by Google itself. Google wants to give a unified plugin for all the WordPress users where users can see all the insights and metrics from various Google products from their own WordPress admin panel. It will eliminate installing separate third party plugin to get those insights from multiple Google products. Till now there are no unified WordPress plugin that can provide you all in one solutions regarding Google service integration within WordPress.

That’s why Google has taken an initiative to develop Google Site Kit WordPress plugin to give an unique opportunity for WordPress site owner. This plugin will get all kinds of reporting data from Google products and you can see those reports and metrics from your WordPress admin panel. However, this plugin is still in beta and not available in WordPress plugin repository yet.

Most useful WordPress plugin ever!

To me it’s a huge and very useful WordPress plugin. But if I think more broad then it will be the most revolutionary WordPress plugin ever because almost all website use any of the Google products (i.e: Google Analytics, Search Console, Adsense, Google Tag Manager). And most of the time installing multiple plugin and maintaining multiple authentication and configuration is time consuming, confusing process, even sometime it slow down WordPress performance.

I don’t need to predict about the future of Google site kit plugin but I can feel that inside your head you already can’t wait to install it in your site. Am I correct? If yes, please go and download Google site kit WordPress plugin today and get your excitement super high. Ultimately, Google site kit will work as a game changer for webmasters because all Google products integration, data and metrics will be inside WordPress by only one plugin. Sounds very awesome to me.

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Available Google services integration

I had a good luck to install this plugin for my development site and I saw that Google site kit WordPress plugin can provide many Google service integration. Currently the following Google products are available on Google site kit plugin –

  • Search Console
  • Analytics
  • Adsense
  • Tag Manager
  • Optimize

But the way Google team is working for this project I can easily predict that more and more Google service may be available in near future.

Get the Google site kit WordPress plugin

This plugin is now in beta. Google wants to get it installed in a lots of website to test how it works. As this is an all in one integration plugin between WordPress and Google products, Google wants to release it with perfection. It’s very good and I support it. In addition, I can wait much longer to get it released.

Google wants to test the plugin by lots of developers to get feedback. That’s why you can get developer beta version from their official website or GitHub repository.

But for your convenient, you can directly download the plugin from this link easily.

After downloading the .zip file you just go to your WordPress admin panel and install plugin by uploading the plugin file.

Plugin screenshots

Ok. I understand that you can’t wait to see how it looks like. So for you I am providing some screenshot to give you an idea about the capability of this plugin.


Google Site Kit plugin screenshot

Search Console

Google Site Kit plugin screenshot

Google Analytics

Google Site Kit WordPress plugin screenshot


Google Site Kit screenshot
Google Site Kit WordPress plugin screenshot
Google Site Kit screenshot

Hope, you got the details information about Google site kit WordPress plugin. Trust me it’s a very useful plugin for your website. So try it today and write comments about your experience using Google site kit WordPress plugin.

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