He is still leading his life as a college student

Mark Zuckerberg at his home
Mark Zuckerberg at his home

Most of the young person are using facebook. Even facebook is working as like as breakfast, launch, dinner. There are some people who can’t take their breakfast before logging into Facebook. Facebook is really a very good tools for today’s life. It is helping us to keep us social.

We use facebook but how many users of facebook know about Facebook? I think most of the users don’t want to reveal this story. I am here today for not telling about story of Facebook, I am here to tell you about that person who is the father of Facebook ‘Mark Zuckerberg’.? Now he is the world’s youngest billionaire for his ‘Facebook’. It obviously a story of Inspiration. The story behinds Facebook always inspire me very much.


Since few days I was searching and researching about ‘The Lifestyle of Mark Zuckerberg’. And yes, I have some common point and also that also inspire me.? 26 years old guy is really an awesome people. According to NDTVand other online resource I have found that Mark Zuckerberg is still leading his life as a college student. He is the youngest billionaire? but he lives in a rented house (3,500 pound rent per month). He doesn’t even have a posh sports car, instead drives a Japanese saloon. Zuckerberg, who is said to be worth 4.3 million pounds, wears jeans, cheap T-shirt and flip-flops. Zuckerberg is down-to-earth, but is always glued to his iPhone.

To relax after work, Mark heads to a spit-and-sawdust bar to sink beer and eat fast food with workmates.

Another favourite night out is a cheap and cheerful meal at a Mexican restaurant with 25-year-old girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

A Facebook source said: “It’s amazing – Mark doesn’t seem at all bothered about fancy cars and expensive possessions. He’s still living like a college kid.

“He will eat lunch in the canteen with the other workers. A lot of the employees actually have nicer cars than his.”

A film ‘The Social Network‘ , tracing Mark’s astounding rise to success has released.

Mark often works late into the night, but on evenings off he and Priscilla enjoy dinner at local Mexican Caf? del Sol – and there is no VIP treatment there.

And their neighbour said: “Priscilla is a normal girl – she’s not flashy at all. They make a nice couple. They are happy to wait in line for a table, like everyone else.”

But despite Mark’s down-to-earth personality there are subtle clues to his businesslike mind.

He is constantly glued to his iPhone as he goes about his apparently normal life.

This summer he attended a ceremony at California’s Stanford Business School where an eyewitness said: “He was sat at the back, tapping away on his phone the whole time.

Zuckerberg with girlfriend Priscilla Chan.
Zuckerberg with girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

“There was a funny moment when one of the speakers on stage mentioned Facebook.

“One of his friends nudged him and they laughed.”

Note: Most of the information are collected from various kinds of source like NDTV, The Sun and others online media. And the following audio voice is provided by Bidita Rahman.

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