How to install XAMPP in Linux?

Do you love xampp and also you are a beginner of Linux? Ya that’s sure coz you are here to read it. I am also a XAMPP and Linux lover because I am a web developer. To install xampp in Linux is a simple job and I am here to show you HOW.

First download the latest XAMPP from ApacheFriends. Now I hope you have kept the XAMPP tar.gz file inside your Desktop of LINUX environment.

Now open your Linux terminal (I’m using UBUNTU 10.04). In UBUNTU 10.04 you can open your terminal from Application->Accessories->Terminal. Now do the real job. First you need to extract the files inside a directory. I recommend /opt directory according to ApacheFriends’s suggestion. But I don’t know why. I hope you can extract the file anywhere inside the Linux file system.

Now write down the command in your terminal:

sudo tar xvfz filename.tar.gz -C /opt

So your recent downloaded Xampp files will be extracted to /opt directory.
Now most of the work done!! Just start the xampp from terminal to run your webserver in your local PC.
To start the XAMPP service write the following command in Terminal. Remember your extracted files were inside the /opt/lampp directory.
sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start


Now all of the services of XAMPP will be started. Now go to http://localhost then you will see the default page of XAMPP. Done!!

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