How to setup Git in Ubuntu?

Git is a version control system that track your changes in your specific files. You can track changes, add commit on every changes, undo/redo the changes to a certain stage. It’s very useful version control system for software engineers. Writing a large software without Git can’t be imaginable. Most importantly it’s very difficult to develop a single software by multiple software engineer as a team. You need to track who is changing where and who is adding new feature. You can track all the changes made by any of your team member by implementing Git. Setup Git in Ubuntu is not hard.

Installing Git in local machine – why?

If you don’t want to use any online service like GitHub or BitBucket or any other similar service. In that case you need to install Git on your local computer or setup Git in any central computer in your network so other team member can also access Git server. So follow this tutorial to setup Git in Ubuntu or any other Linux machine and start using version control system for your project.

Setup Git in Ubuntu or any other Linux machine

Here I have prepared step by step guidelines about to setup Git in Ubuntu.

Install Git on Ubuntu or other Linux machine

  1. Install Git core in your machine

    For Ubuntu, run this sudo apt-get install git-core command to install git core. Similarly run specific command as per your linux operating system.

  2. Verify the installation

    Run which git /opt/local/bin/git to check if git has been installed correctly or not.

  3. Configure your name

    Run git config --global "FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME" to set your name as a git global configuration parameter.

  4. Configure your email address

    Run git config --global "" to set your email address as a global configuration parameter.

Now it’s done! You have completed installing Git in Ubuntu. Keep using Git by commit, push, pull. However, if you face any trouble write down that in comments for help.

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