How to start a Business in Bangladesh

You are here because you are looking for a step by step follow up for starting a business in Bangladesh. Right? Exactly I am here also for you to introduce you the system that ‘How you can start a business in Bangladesh”. It’s not real tough. Just stay reading this post and don’t forget to share this to your social community.

Preparing your mind:
Fist of all you need to setup your mind to start a business. Psychological assessment is so much necessary to keep?continuing a business mind. Also if you are totally novice then you have to transform your mind to do a business. There are lot of facts regarding this issue. Your mind is the key operation finger of your business. It’s my personal evaluation.

Planning your Business:
To start a business you must need a plan which is already drawn in your mind. Now it’s time to visualize your business plan. You can use any MindMapping software for doing this. MindMap is actually a visualization system of your thoughts because each of your thoughts are related to each others. So you should draw a business plan for starting your business successfully and never think that your business must change your own world of finance. To do it you need lots of determination, hard work etc…

Making a Tasklist:
It’s necessary to make a tasklists for starting your ?business successfully. And to create the tasklist you need to read this full article and related article. Because I am writing this article and you are here to eat your fish.

Registering your business:
To do any business you need to register your business first of all. It’s most important to start any kinds of legal business. Because as like as other countries Bangladesh govt. has some rules to run a business within Bangladesh.
To register your business you first choose a name. And if you are now sure that you are going to register your business for a legal entity. Then you must go to Search Business Company name in Bangladesh. There you will see a link (‘Search Entity Name’)?. Then you can search your company name and if it is available then you can take this name. But you also can be afraid that before registering any company with your name then you must take a ‘name clearance certificate’ and if you pay 600 BDT to govt. then they will keep this name for you. If you go to? you will see everything.

Registering your company as Public/Private Ltd company in Bangladesh:
Now it’s time to really register your company from the registrar of joint stocks and firms. To do this you need to go to a lawyear or you can find many many consultancy firm who are providing free consultancy for registering your company. But in this case you need to select one type from two types (Private and Public). If you are going to start your business as your own business then I prefer you to register your company as Private limited Company. It’s the most easiest way to express your business to the market.

So if you select your company as a Private limited company then you first have to issue a TIN (Tax Identification Number) from the National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh. You can visit the official website of National?bureau of?revenue, Bangladesh.? Then after getting your TIN. You should prepare your company memorandum.

[I will upload some sample company memorandum in this page later on]

Now go to a consultancy firm or submit your company memorandum through online by going website. Now you need to pay the govt. fees. Govt. fees calculator also available on the website. After making payment your application processing will be started and authority will inform you as soon they will finish their work.

In this case if you can find any consultancy firm to do this then you can get your company license so soon!! It’s their mechanism. Even I don’t know about their own mechanism. It can cost you upto 40,000/= BDT for 1crore capital money approval for the company. I can prefer you can contact with Satkhira Consultancy Firm who provide a better service for registering your company. Their smart pricing and service impress me a lot.

I will continue it and the next lessons will help you to establish your business in the Bangladesh. If you want to register your company so soon then please contact with me so that I can help you lots.