I am a Bangladeshi Good boy

?Good Boy of Bangladesh?

I am a good boy of Bangladesh. Am I? Yes of course, I am Shaharia Azam, good boy of Bangladesh. All the time I am smart for keeping me saying ‘I am a programmer’. I am a computer programmer.

I love to play with coding always. I keep myself busy with my blog, coding, office job and gossiping with different types of brothers. So I am a good boy of Bangladesh. It’s hard to become a Bangladeshi good boy because it’s funny that like me many people says he is a good boy of Bangladesh. So why I will not be.

That’s why I am a good boy of Bangladesh. It’s so funny!! Isn’t it?

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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