Install Redis Cache engine in Ubuntu

Sometimes programmers think a lot much about to optimize their application performance. In this sense, we got the idea of Caching. Now the fact is which Cache engine is best, fast and suitable. I will not go through that debate. Today I am writing you about how to install Redis Cache server/engine in your Ubuntu OS. Let’s start from the beginning.

First you have to install redis-server in your ubuntu by running the following command.

sudo apt-get install redis-server

After that we have to install PHPRedis from the scratch.

Now run the following command sets.

sudo git clone
./configure [--enable-redis-igbinary]
make && make install

if you have not GIT installed on your computer then you have to install git with sudo apt-get install git command.

After compiling and install phpredis just copy the file to your PHP extension library directory by running the following command.

sudo cp modules/ yourPHPExtensionLibrary/

you can find your PHP extension library directory from phpinfo()

Now it’s time to load this module in your PHP INI file. Just write down extension at the bottom of your php.ini file and restart your webserver.

Your redis engine is ready. To get the further installation system and details please read this PHPRedis GitHub Repo.

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