JetBrains Space vs Slack - Feature Comparison (Free Version)

JetBrains Space vs Slack – Features Comparison (Free Version)

Productivity is the key of success. It applies in personal life as well as for any businesses it’s true. Everybody struggle to boost productivity. We got Slack for several years for team collaboration in a smarter way. But JetBrains Space seems to be a new king on the market. In this article, I wanted to visualize a feature comparison between JetBrains Space vs Slack (free version).

Note: This article will be continued and will be updated regularly while I am still exploring JetBrains Space EAP.

Feature comparison – Slack vs JetBrains Space

Before moving further down, let me tell you something. JetBrains Space is a very new products released by JetBrains couple days ago. Even it’s not public yet. I was fortunate enough to get access to their EAP (early access program). Based on my findings I am writing this article. As I am still exploring it, I will keep improving this article to keep it’s information up to date.

So, let’s go straight to the facts.

Messaging Limit

When we talk about team collaboration, messaging is a mandatory feature. Slack and JetBrains Space both have that feature. But in this fact, JetBrains Space is giving more than Slack. For free version –

  • Slack – 10,000 messages can be viewed and searched.
  • JetBrains Space – 20,000 messages can be viewed and searched

File Storage Limit

It’s a very crucial one for team collaboration environment. In this case, also JetBrains space is giving more than Slack. For free version –

  • Slack – 5GB file storage
  • JetBrains Space – 10GB file storage

Third Party App Install

For integrating third party apps, both JetBrains Space and Slack provides 10 apps integration for free version. So it’s same in both platform.

Target Users

This has a major difference. But don’t get them wrong. We all know that JetBrains develop products mostly for developer. So it’s no difference for Space.

  • Slack – targeted to any kinds of business
  • JetBrains Space – targeted mostly developer team

** I am still exploring JetBrains Space, so keep coming back to this article to get most up to date feature information.

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