Microsoft launched outlook email

Microsoft has just introduced email

Microsoft’s Email?

July 31 was the date to make the table hot by Microsoft. Since many days they wanted to make them on the discussion table. And at last they just made it by their newly introduced email [].

At first day over 1 million users have signed up for their email and Microsoft claims that this is the biggest fight with Gmail by Microsoft while Gmail has 425 million users and?Hotmail had more than 350 million at the last count. You can read the blog post of Outlook to see all of their features with email. Microsoft’s email is bringing few exclusive features like integrating twitter, skype with their email (Google acquired Skype with $8.5 Billion). And is it for making their stand more harder against gmail? We will discuss about it later.

In a @Outlook?twitter status it published their success graph about 1 million user sign up in 24 hours.

So don’t wait. Let’s signup for your desired

[All the has been changed to]

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