MLM Companies of Bangladesh are looking for real money

Recently I talked with few of MLM Business man in Bangladesh. And they are looking for real money. It’s funny. Isn’t it? Still they are afraid for their business. But few of them want to keep their users on track by providing real job and real job means real money. Since few months even a year was ‘Clicking’ year for Bangladeshi MLM companies. But this is really a fraud way. And they has made their members looser.

But after being conscious ?general members of those MLM companies can now understand that if they do these false job one day they can loose their money and they can destroy their own skills. And also Bangladesh Government has made some pressure for MLM companies in Bangladesh.


That’s why to keep continuing their business the owners of MLM companies are looking for real job, real money for their members. It’s great but I hope they need more knowledge to continue their business in a real way.



Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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