Money is everything than Inspiration and Others?

Today I will tell you a story I heard from a boy. I saw a boy crying beside the road and I went to him. He is crying more loudly. I ask him the cause that why he is crying. His answer is ‘Give me money’. I said why? He said “Today is my mother’s marriage ceremony, and she is celebrating this ceremony.” The boy is not with his mother. His mother is in the outside of the city.

The boy was frustrated and also he is so talent. For seeking job he is now in Dhaka. Their family is very rich. Then the boy again said that he called his mother for wishing. Then the mother said that “Any gift for me?”. The boy said “Mother, I am hungry. I didn’t eat yet. I have no money to buy gift for you”. His mother was just shocked because his mother had a expectation from his boy. But the boy was helpless and his mother replied “I was expecting such a thing than your ‘Wishing’ “. That’s why the boy was crying.

I called him and said to seat down besides me. He start to say something to me. He said that his mother is only one person the boy loves. And the ?mother was shocked because of her boy’s unexpected?behavior. Then the boy asked me “Money is everything?”. I said that “What you got from your mother?”. The boy said “Only birth but no inspiration”.

So from the above conversation I felt that the most loved one of the boy will give inspiration to the boy. But without the inspiration how the boy will start earning and running? So where’s the inspiration. Oppositely the boy’s most favorite person expect his earning, gift and everything. But how the boy will start walking without his favorite’s one’s inspiration? So the boy gave advice to me that is “Earn money blindly, work for earning, then this thirsty world will take you easy. Otherwise your dream , persons, society, everything will act really as a dream, you can’t touch the truth without the money”. Really it is?

A person will earn the money but who will hep that person to earn money? Because a person needs caring, inspiration, dream, love, smiling face, etc.. And all of this things can grow the speed for the person to earn the money.

What is money? Money can give you a soft bed, soft car. But it really can’t give you the love which is necessary to pass your life. Money can give the opportunity to buy more food. But to eat the tasty foods you need a lovely environment. Because food will go to your body and for the peace of the body you need Love. So no money, Love is really a good thing that is more rare than money.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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