Native Lazy Load WordPress plugin by Google

Google never rests to help webmasters for improving web experience. Nearly 34% of the websites is powered by WordPress. Improving website performance is a key responsibilities for most of the webmaster. And now Google developed native lazy load wordpress plugin couple days ago.

It will boost overall performance of any WordPress website. As Chrome 76 has been released already with it’s “loading” attribute supported feature, now with this plugin your website can gain much performance improvements with this lazy loading feature.

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“Native” meaning this lazy loading functionality doesn’t rely on any third party Javascript. It’s just utilize the “loading” attribute for the supported browser. Before this, usually webmasters were used to use third party Javascript for such lazy loading experience for media in their website. But Javascript resource is also heavy and it has a performance cost. So from now on without relying on any 3rd party Javascriptip, with this native lazy loading wordpress plugin you can get tremendous speed improvements for your wordpress site.

You also should know that if the browser doesn’t support the latest “loading” attribute yet, this plugin has it’s own fallback mechanism so nothing will be broken in terms of lazy loading.

Currently Chrome added “loading” attribute feature in their 76 version. But other browsers are also adopting this. In the meantime native lazy loading functionality can be added in WordPress core. You can follow the discussion from here.

Learn more about the loading attribute from here. You can download this native lazy loading wordpress plugin from WordPress reposity. If you want to contribute to this plugin further, you can do that from Github repository.

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