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You can try the following rules. This following rules have been made from researching various websites and books.

(This research has started jointly with Sharif Ahmad, CSE, Daffodil International University)

Now you can create your own radio and video station!!!
you can broadcast live video and audio with ZERO cost

I have explained in detail how to install and stream Read more for details
Just follow my steps and you will create your station easily

Requirements :

1) The script PicoStreamer

you can download it from here:

2) Ftp file manager You can use any program FileZilla is a good one you can download it from here :

3) Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1

you can download it from here :

4) Winamp

you cad download it from here :

5) winamp SHOUTcast Plugin

you can download it from here :

6) microphone

Note that : all rar pass is :

How to install the script :

There are tow ways to install the script :

First metod :

1 . Connect to your host via FTP.

2 . Find the cgi-bin directory of your server.
Do not create it: must exists yet!!!

3 . Set transfer mode to ASCII in your FTP client settings.
In FileZilla: Menu Transfer -> Transfer type -> ASCII

4 . Transfer the content of cgi-bin in your remote cgi-bin (that MUST exists yet!!! do not create yourself!!!)

5 . On remote site, change permissions on files:


to 755 or rwx.r-x.r-x
In FileZilla: right click on file -> file properties -> insert 755 -> press OK

6 . Go to the root of your webserver. Usually the name is


7 . Set transfer mode to AUTO
In FileZilla: Menu Transfer -> Transfer type -> AUTO

8 . Copy the ENTIRE directory /picostreamer in the remote side.

9 . On the remote side enter in the /picostreamer directory

10. Change permissions of dir “users” to 777 or rwx.rwx.rwx
n FileZilla: right click on file -> file properties -> insert 777 -> press OK

11. On the remote side, enter in the dir /picostreamer/users

Change permissions of file “config.txt” to 666 or
In FileZilla: right click on file -> file properties -> insert 666 -> press OK


Note that : the script have to be installed in the directory of name picostreamer

Enter in admin panel:
using user “admin” and password “adminpass”

Second method :

go to :

Follow the steps and the program will install the script in seconds

Hot to Stream :

1) install all required tools mentioned in top of this topic

2) go to the admin panal of your script should be something like

username: admin
pass: adminpass

Create a user from the new user tap :


logout and then loging with the new username and pass

you will find that the user still offline Although you are logged in do not worry just follow these steps

click on Picoicy

in the source sitting tap check the first option and leave the setting as default
in the picostreamer tap and fill the fields as follows

Ps Host:
username : the user that you have created from picostreamer adminpanal ( not the admin )
password: userpass ( not the admin pass )
then click on Test Connection it should give you Test successful

after that click on start connection

then open winamp go to options ==> preferences

under the plug-ins you will find DSP/Effect double click on Nullsoft SHOUTcast….

you will get this windows :

in the output tap
leave all fields as default just modify the pass field with the pass of the created username ( not the admin )
If you see the following the all thing is fine and you can brodcast whatever you want

Note that :

1) you should connected at PicoIcy first then then winamp plugin
2) the two windows should be opened and in connection while streaming

Congratulations now you can speak in your microphone or just play any song or playlist in winamp or do both of them and all will be broadcasted

Now you should see the user online on your script

You Can broadcast video through the program PicoIcy

1) you can design a good looking page with embedded links to your radio
2) users can listen or watch your videos through that page without going to the script page
3) You can place your Ads??and get revenue from your own radio

>> Verify your settings, you can see the screenshots from

Other Reference:

Direct Install:

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