Exploring Kolkata, India – My first international journey

Since I started to planning international tour, it was little bit hard to get foreign country visa in your blank passport. So I planned to go to India first to kick the pain of blank passport. And here it is how I achieved and explored Kolkata, India. I had a very good relationship with United Consultancy & Tours who arrange your India Visa Application with e-Token and prepare papers for other country visa as well.

Recent days it takes a bit longer time to get e-token for Indian Visa Interview due to their technical limitations and over loaded e-token application. That’s why I submitted my papers to that consultancy to manage an e-token for me and after 2 weeks they provided me e-token. And after 7 days it was my interview date (papers submission with physical presence) in Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC). I chose Dhanmondi IVAC because it was only 5 mins away from my home. I prepared all the original papers with passport and went to that IVAC to submit passport and show legal papers so visa officer can verify all those information are correct. It tooks two hours to get in due to large queue (approx. 200 people in my same schedule) and I made that. They gave me a token to collect passport and I was very excited to have my first international visa. But sometimes to get Indian visa is a hardest thing if all of your papers, spellings are little mismatch. But after six days I went IVAC to collect my passport and I got the visa. Hurrreeee! It’s time to plan my tour.

When I started planning my Indian Visa, I started to look for Air Ticket, Hotel Ticket to fix my budgets and planning. Now it’s time to really purchase Air ticket and Hotel ticket. I am a smart boy and that’s why I didn’t go to any tourist consultancy office to purchase any package or tickets cause their price always little bit high. I spent 3-4 hours in Internet to find the best place and best air and I found Jet Airways and The Park Hotel, Kolkata. I purchased Jet Airways with $200 (return ticket) and purchased The Park Hotel for $300 by my international card. There are so many deals you can chose for your flight for India. Jet Airways has a very fantastic Privilege card so next time your boarding will be much quicker and they will serve you priority basis if you register for their Privilege card I applied for that and got approved.

I chose The Park Hotel because of it’s my first tour and tour to relax and that’s why I spent little much to be at 5 star hotel in Kolkata and it’s located in the center of The Park Street (heart of Kolkata city). You can also book The Park Hotel from here directly.

So it’s 21 November, time to fly. I enjoyed flight several times inside country but this will be my first international flight and I arrived at Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka 2 hours prior to departure. First finish airport security checks for my baggage, then collected Boarding pass from Jet Airways counter and finished writing departure card (for Bangladesh Immigration). After taking boarding pass, I went to clear my simple Bangladeshi immigration desk to take a pass (that allows you to leave country for few days). Immigration officer checked my Passport, Visa and took a picture and gave a seal and I went for another security check to enter inside Airport lounge. I have more 1 hour to wait till my flight. It’s my first time inside Airport lobby so I explored the place a bit but it’s very large. I sat down in a coffee shop and started using their Wi-Fi and having tea. And after 30 minutes, according to screen I saw that Jet Airways in Gate # 9 and I went there and at last inside flight. Flying above the sky and it took 25 mins to land in Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, India. I just finished their immigration check by filling out their arrival card, then custom clearence card to take my luggage and then I was looking for a mobile connection store to purchase a prepaid-sim card and I found one but I didn’t find Airtel (cheap call rates) and I purchased Vodafone (call rates higher) with 1GB internet package. New sim costs me 800 INR, 251 INR for internet and 35 INR to activate a package to talk to Bangladesh phone (it was good for me). To purchase new SIM you just need your 1 copy photograph and photocopy of your passport. They knew Bengali so everything went smooth. After I came out from Airport, there are plenty of Taxi waiting outside airport and I picked one to go to Kolkata Park Street, The Park Hotel. It took 350 INR but I didn’t bargain with driver repeatedly to arrive soon at hotel. It was 7 PM already. Driver told me if I pay 400 INR to him so he can arrive hotel via a short cut and I took that deal. Now I am in India.


After exploring Indian street, lighting I arrived at hotel. Hotel executives are so awesome. They welcomed me and they confirmed my booking by taking my passport photocopy. I got my room digital card. I went to room. It was amazing. Totally amazing. Temperature control, LED TV, nice bath, fabulous bed, desk, sofa, tea/coffee maker, and everything. Now it’s time to relax.

Note: Please keep 1 pen when you will be at airport to fill up departure and arrival card. It’s odd to ask pen from anybody else. Also keep 1 thin pin to change your SIM card from your smart phone if needed. Otherwise you will have to spend so far 20 mins of waiting to get another person’s pen and pin. 🙂

Web Server build in a minute on Ubuntu Machine

I guess, you want to make your Ubuntu server UP & running within few minutes with one click that will install all the essential packages for your web server. I created the following script that you can run right after installing your Ubuntu OS in your machine.

I tested this script over Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and nGinx as web server.

I created the following shell script for (a) Installing Common packages, (b) Configuring Virtual Host

You just need to run the installer. In your terminal just write down the following command and it will start installing all the essential thing and after that browse localhost or with server IP address and you are supposed to see the default nginx server page.

sudo wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/shahariaazam/b63b72da0afbff195492/raw/db0ff5f553fdb25cf3bd9da64ec942cf09b31ab7/make_ubuntu_ready.sh
sudo chmod a+x make_ubuntu_ready.sh
sudo ./make_ubuntu_ready.sh

And browse ‘http://localhost’

You can explore the shell script from the following gist. First file is the shell script that you are installing in above command prompt. Second and third .conf file is for sample virtual host. I embeded those 3 files for you to look at. If you think that we can add any more things please write here in comment box so I will consider that for others.

Fast startup turn on or off in windows 10

Today is my first day in my machine to work in Windows 10. And my machine has Windows 10 installed alongside Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. But I faced my very first problem with Windows 10 today that was related to NTFS drive mounting from Linux. At last I figured out the problem.

If you use Windows 10 and Linux in same machine then when you will use Windows 10, by default Windows 10 has Fast startup turned on and that will prevent mounting your Hard disk again from Linux OS. So in that case you have to turn of the Fast startup option from your Windows 10 so you can again mount your hard disk from your Ubuntu Machine.

This is very pretty simple thing. See the following screencast and turn of Fast startup from your Windows 10 machine.
Screencast link on Youtube. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uZU9OwjebI

Google Mobile-friendly test in PHP

Lots of folks out there about to make your website Mobile-friendly. It’s obvious that there will be significant impact on your website if your site is not mobile-friendly or what we regularly call ‘responsive’. Mobile friendly sites will get higher rank in search results in Google. And Google already started to rolling out this algorithms.

After searching on internet, I didn’t get any quick solution to check mobile-friendliness website in PHP. Although Google published it’s official Mobile-friendliness Test Tools.

When I tried to find some solutions then I figured out that Google has it’s public Pagespeed Test API v2. But in this version Google didn’t make it clear to see Pass or fail result for mobile-friendliness test. It only shows UX score. But in their v3beta1 API version they have a clear indicator about mobile-friendliness. And I figured it out and made a simple PHP functions to check the mobile-friendliness test of any website. Here is my scripts:

In the above script you just need to put your website URL to check and Google PageSpeed API Key what you will get from your Google API Console or see the Google PageSpeed Developer Getting Starter page.

Now, run your script and you will get the following array.

array (size=8)
  'kind' => string 'pagespeedonline#result' (length=22)
  'id' => string 'http://facebook.com/' (length=29)
  'responseCode' => int 200
  'ruleGroups' =>
    array (size=1)
      'USABILITY' =>
        array (size=2)
          'score' => int 100
          'pass' => boolean true
  'pageStats' =>
    array (size=2)
      'numberRobotedResources' => int 0
      'numberTransientFetchFailureResources' => int 0
  'formattedResults' => etc.........


From the above array $result['ruleGroups']['USABILITY']['pass'] is the actual result of your website’s mobile-friendliness status. true means your website is mobile friendly and false means your failed to make your website mobile friendly. Simple.

Have fun! Write comments if you need any more assistance.

AngularJS Resource use for RESTful apps

This example will help you to learn how to interact between your backened RESTful apps and AngularJS. AngularJS has a service factory called ngResource which you can use to do CRUD operation with your RESTful backend application.

Here you just need to define the service factory which will get all notes by calling an ajax request to your http://yourRESTAPIBackendserver.url/notes. Also you can do rest of the CRUD services with that script. This script represents very basic usage of ngResource. So you learn it and try to DYI.

Don’t forget to add the main angularjs library and ng resource service library in your html head tag.

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/angularjs/1.3.15/angular.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://code.angularjs.org/1.2.0-rc.2/angular-resource.js"></script>