Relationship is a complex matter in Student life. Who is eligible?

Frustrated Student about The Relationship Matter

People are walking around the clock. Some are lonely, some are enjoying with their friends, their relatives, their most favorite person, their most dear ones. They are people and ?Students? are also people. Students are a name of community where everybody joins with this community to learn from the globe with their particular way. Someone has thought that about ?Relationship matter for a student?? For a student, student life is the most charming period of his/her life. But a very significant number of the students basically in our South-Asian country make their student life more complex. It is not for other issue; relationship is one of the most valuable issues. Lacking of proper understanding between friends, class-mates, lack of awareness of guardian, lack of showing the responsibility of parents in the proper way are eligible for this kinds of problem. But these kinds of problems may make a student life of a student more vulnerable.? Even for this kinds of complexity make a student frustrated and that?s why someone want to suicide, someone want to stop their study, someone are being criminal in our society. But how this matters are taken by our society? This is really a questionable topic for most of the student or most of the audiences in this country or region.


I personally think that a student has two kinds of life in his/her student life. One is with his/her family, another one is with his/her friends, class-mates. A student makes his/her community with the helps of these two kinds of relationship. And in this stage of age, a student usually needs proper care, they feel their parent?s responsibility, they demonstrate their parents, analyze their friends and his/her own activities and a student always finds that the present situation is in his/her control or uncontrolled or this situation are accepting his/her? To analyze this kinds of situation a student get his/her maturity level, his/her maturity level grows when they demonstrate this kinds of things that is going on through his/her side. Besides all kinds of situation a student starts to think about ?Relationship?. I am also a student and I don?t know how much students are agreeing with me. But I can guess the numbers. And that?s why I am writing this article for everybody.

As a student there are many definitions of ?Relationship?. The relationship between a student and a teacher, a friend and a classmate. But there is a hidden relationship that is occurring in most of the places of educational institutes that is called ?Love?. Love between a boy and a girl. In these cases they are students obviously. In this stage of life how much matured to make such a relationship for a student is? But now a days student are falling in love with his friends, classmates. The same age, same types of maturity level (some study says that a girl is more matured than a boy in their same age). When our society hear this kinds of news, then the society don?t try to understand the problems of our root. Most of the people define it as a crime. But why a student want to fall in love and what?s the result? Basically from loneliness, from some misunderstanding with the situations, environment, surrounded people a human basically want a perfect company for his life even most of the students think this for their lifetime. But nobody can see his/her future. When a student feel that his family, his parents, his siblings, his classmates, his general friends are not agreeing with him/her, everybody makes misunderstanding with him, he/she can?t expose him/herself to everybody, nobody gives his/her time personally then a student usually want someone that is actually called ?love?. I am not telling this is ?love?. They define their relationship as ?love?. They want a special care, special someone with whom they can share their matters about everything together and they are listening their matter with each other. Then a student feels that he/she is getting admiration, getting thanks, he/she has a value (although the value for not everybody but he/she is valuable for single one person), they can feel that he/she has got someone who is his second soul finally(?). They start to build belief on themselves. They are not lonely. Then slowly a student try to understand that his/her boy/girl friend is giving much more time than their family, they can understand each other. Then automatically they create a tie between their loved ones that he/she can?t create with his other friends, his/her family. Then a student think that the girl or the boy is working like a heaven. I am not telling that is this right or wrong. I am just writing but it will be considered by the readers or audiences. The student life is also a life when there is some emotions, feelings. And as a human being every person want to share his/her feelings, emotions with someone. Now a student is getting his/her partner who is hearing or feeling other?s emotions, feelings. Sometimes these kinds of feelings or emotions cause some unethical aggressiveness which is not allowed by any religion, by any society.

Once in student life they can feel some misunderstanding is going on among that relationship (boy friend and girl friend). Then suddenly a student feel very lonely, loveless. Then they can?t allow any kinds of love. Because he/she wants only that heaven or that person who loved him/her. Then sudden emotion break, feelings start to break. Nobody can give back their confidence. They can loose their mental maturity, they slowly loose their judgments, they start to misunderstand everyone, they can?t believe on anybody?s love or sympathy. Even sometimes they join with crime. They become criminal. Many students are exist who are being criminal day by day, who are attending in some criminal activities, they are occurring crime, they are killing, they are being drug addicted and finally they are being detached from a society and they loose the capability to apply their education, their knowledge, their judgment, they start to feel that this earth is acting as a hell. If we can see our past days, many students are taking crucial decision like ?Suicide?. What is this? Yes, this is.. yes this is happening. Nobody can see this. We see these kinds of news everyday inside the newspapers, TV media, and internet. But what we are doing for them? We will only learn the words from books? We will learn to write the answers inside the answer sheet in exam hall? ?Who is learning to be matured? Who takes care about a student?s feelings, a student?s emotions? Why nobody can understand the problems? Why we called our students as ?BOKHATE? if anybody do anything. Does anybody still exist in the world to hear their voice? Who are taking care of a student?s hidden voice, who will take the responsibility if a student wants to take decision for suicide? Who is looking after what a student is trying to feel? Who is taking care of a student?s loneliness? Who is going to be a best friend of a student? Why the guardians aren?t understand their child?s comments, feelings, emotions, and their child?s problem? Why a guardian can?t discuss about a student?s future as their Childs like to do? Of course a 50 years old parents can?t understand the young generation of this age, of this era. Because they are familiar with their age of childhood, student life. Why they are ?showing everything as a pressure to a student? Why one teacher will come to classroom and teach their students on the specific academic syllabus related topics? Why a student can?t get instruction to lead their personal life? There are so many questions exists and surrounded in this world.


The fault is made by this society. Everybody will convey this topic by saying a word that is ?The System?. ?The System? is also made by us. So why are we keep these things behind by saying ?The System?? We should change the system. We shouldn?t take care? of a student not only for their academic result but also we should take care about their everything that is essential to live as a good guy in this society. We should never claim our system. If we want together to change the system, the entire system can be changed.

Of course this world doesn?t want to murder a student?s mind, student?s mental maturity. And also obviously this world and this society don?t want to take advantage from a student?s loneliness. Nobody can play with one student?s emotions or feelings. We are growing and we want to build a new society, new world for us where we will be able to take care or ourselves if nobody in this world shows their sympathy.

Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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