Primary text length and Media ratio change in Facebook mobile news feed

Facebook recently introduced a changes in mobile news feed display. This week when I went to publish a new ad from Facebook Ads Manager it displayed that notice. This changes involved in text and image ratio in mobile news feed.

Primary text length and media ratio changed in Facebook mobile news feed

Primary Text Length

Currently we in Facebook mobile news feed, it displayed 7+ lines of primary text. That would be chaged to three. In mobile news feed, only three lines of primary text will be displaying from August 19 2019.

The good side of this change is that user experience. Single post will cover less height of the mobile screen.

The bad side of this change is user can’t describe all the things in their post’s primary text. You can, but if it’s more than three lines then it would be folded with a “See More” link.

Media Height & Aspect Ratio

As well as text ratio, Facebook introduced new aspect ratios for media (images, videos). Currently we were enjoying media in 2:3 aspect ratio in our mobile news feed.

But that’s going to change. From August 19, 2019 the aspect ratio for media in Facebook mobile news feed would be 4:5.

Primary text length and media ratio changed in Facebook mobile news feed

That means less height. Facebook just started displaying this notice for the people who is advertiser on Facebook platform. And general people can find that out from this link.

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