They are happy too

15 November I was going to meherpur with my friend to celebrate eid day and for refreshing my mind. It was a good journey. Our journey was by bus from Dhaka to Kushtia. Then from kushtia to meherpur. We arrived at kushtia at 7 PM. It was evening. So much crown in bus, so much people are going to their home for celebrating their special occasion (Eid-Ul-Azha). To make fun and to feel some enjoyment special me and my friend Sohel were taken our sit at the roof of the bus. There are also many people on the roof of the bus. This was so much risky place to ride on the bus. But there was no sit inside the bus. Icy weather, dark road, big big green tree, silen road everything was very much good to feel something exceptional.


There were one rickshwa wala were sitted down besides us on the roof of the bus. The bus was speedy. The rickshawwala was singning some rural song, some old songs and all of the passenger were enjoying that so much. Sometimes rickshawwala was smoking and stop his singing. After a while he again started to sing. Once a time i asked a question to him that ‘why he is stopping to sing a song?’. Then he replied that ‘ He is a rickshaw puller, he is so much tired and he hasn’t eat anything yet from the morning’. I was stopped right then. But again I asked another question that is ‘ why you are singing these kinds of happy song?’ he replied that ‘ he is so much happy in his life, it is much better to go to home in the evening, his childs and his wife are waiting to eat with him. He feels them very much’. It inspire me. I also started to feel ‘ I am happy’.

The basic differences between he and me is ‘he is a rickshaw puller and i am a student and self employed person’. I was discussed about this feelings with my friends. The rickshaw puller can’t give ‘Kurbani’ (sacrifice a animal for GOD according to Islam). But he is happy. Some people are exist in this world who can’t do that also. But they are feeling unhappy about that.


From this thing I have approved a speech of one of my favorite teacher ‘Syed Mizanur Rahman Raju’. The speech was ‘Poorness are created by our fashion and mentality or demand’. Because we are rich or from middle earned family but we think that we have to do or we have to buy this, or we have to use that.. Otherwise we are not happy. Then we feel that we are poor and unhappy. But what about that rickshaw puller. They earn small, their demand is also small. but when we earn small, then our demand also high then. It’s wrong. We have to understand about our ability and then we should change our demand according to our present ability. Otherwise our feelings will not be good. we make us poor, unhappy ourselves. And the ability is not the same in every time of the year. It can vary upon your work, your skill, your proper timing. So try to reveal what is your ability and why this situation has come? Then I think you will be happy.


Shaharia is a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant fields. Digital ad certified, cloud platform architect, Big data enthusiasts, tech early adopters.

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